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After the Golden Age of television, which featured original live dramas, Westerns dominated the early series. In fact, we've already seen one spanking from this genre, in Bat Masterson, and we're now going to examine three more, all from the long-running classic series Rawhide.

Rawhide was the continuing story of a long cattle drive and starred Eric Fleming as trail boss Gil Favor. Fleming had been a stage actor and might have gone on to a successful film career, but he was killed in a tragic accident while filming a movie in South America. The secondary lead was Favor's ramrod Rowdy Yates, played by a young and at the time little-known actor who did go on to a very successful film career: Clint Eastwood. Eastwood isn't the spanker in any of these scenes, but he is present in one of them.

barbara eden in rawhide

The face that won Gil Favor's favor.

Let's begin with the last of the three chronologically, Damon's Road (Part 2), which first aired on November 30, 1964. This one has the best-known spankee guest star, Barbara Eden! Now every red-blooded American male spanko past a certain age has wanted to spank Eden ever since her days on I Dream of Jeannie, a rather silly sitcom that aired years after Rawhide and which was somewhat redeemed by expert performances from the four principal players: Eden (as Jeannie), Larry Hagman (as Tony), Bill Daily (as Roger), and Hayden Roarke (as Dr. Bellows). The combination of Eden's beauty, Jeannie's disobedience (which drove the plots by getting Tony in trouble with Dr. Bellows), and her sexy "arabian nights" sort of costume made her the subject of countless spanking fantasies.

fritz weaver in rawhide playing Damon

Fritz Weaver as Damon.

Eden here plays Goldie, the girlfriend of the dishonest Damon (Fritz Weaver, left), who's trying to build a railroad line but whose workmen have deserted him. Weaver may be unfamiliar to younger viewers, but he was a popular guest star in the 60's and 70's, appearing on series like Twilight Zone. Needing replacements, Damon sets his sights on the drovers working for trail boss Gil Favor (Eric Fleming).

eric fleming in rawhide playing gil favor

Eric Fleming as Gil Favor, who's becoming suspicious that Goldie's attentions are not sincere.

Damon's idea is to have Goldie play up to Favor, thus enlisting his aid in controlling the drovers, whom he is going to trick into signing work contracts to avoid jail. She gets his attention without any trouble, but because she keeps drawing back every time he gets a little frisky he begins to grow suspicious.

Goldie conks Favor on the head with a blackjack and later throws his boots out the window, which the producers seem to have thought was terribly funny for some reason, then accuses him of abducting her. Unfortunately, despite having Fleming well-cast as the stern and handsome spanker and Eden excellent as the bad girl spankee, this is actually the weakest of the three scenes from Rawhide because everything about this episode was singularly inept.

barbara eden gives that innocent look to eric fleming

"You're entirely mistaken, Gil."   Butter wouldn't melt in her mouth - what a very bad girl she is!

Damon's Road seems to have been intended as a light-hearted change of pace episode, perhaps modeled on such Western movies as North to Alaska, after more sober fare such as Incident at Dead Horse which revolved around a hanging. But neither the situation nor the characters are the least bit funny here - Damon and Goldie are scoundrels without charm - and padding the plot out to two hours just exposes its flimsiness. There were two scenes prior to the spanking scene as filmed where a spanking could and should have taken place, but instead they left us without a resolution of the situation between Favor and Goldie. That's what we meant by "padding" (when what was needed was "paddling"!). Returning to confront Goldie in her dressing room, Favor had a great opportunity to spank her; instead he just leaves her there tied up, and when she escapes he no longer has the option of putting her OTK and instead bends her over a bannister - a needlessly shaky position.

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We see two scenes here, the first in which Favor tries unsuccessfully to kiss Goldie, and then the second with the spanking, such as it is. Fleming does seem to be whacking her for real (you can't always tell by the sound because it could have been added later), and Eden yelps and carries on very convincingly.

Here is the downloadable Windows Media version. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

eric fleming spanks patricia barry in rawhide

Brat Patricia Barry finds herself turned over Eric Fleming's knee.

Having gone on so long already, we'll try to keep our comments about Incident of the Married Widow short. This was Rawhide's second spanking, taking place on March 1, 1963, featuring Patricia Barry as the spankee and Eric Fleming once again as the spanker. Barry has pretended to be the widow of Gil Favor, and when Favor unexpectedly shows up in town alive and well, she's got some explaining to do. She needs Favor's help and is in no position to make demands, so when she does, Favor decides to straighten her out in a good, old-fashioned way. This is a pretty good scene, with Fleming properly seated in a chair this time, and we do get to see a number of swats land in the OTK position.

Where Barbara Eden played the bad girl to perfection, Barry does almost as well here playing the brat, with Fleming once again firm, masculine, and resolute as a good spanker should be.

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We've included enough of the dialogue preceding the actual spanking so you can see what a brat Barry was. The man seated at the table is character actor Dabbs Greer.

Here is the downloadable Windows Media version. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

john kerr prepares to spank roxane berard in rawhide

Disobedient wife Roxane Berard about to be spanked by husband John Kerr.

First and best of the Rawhide spankings occurred on June 10, 1960 in Incident of the Last Chance. A disobedient wife (Roxane Berard) runs away from the safety of the cattle drive, causing her seemingly mild-mannered husband (John Kerr) to take charge, fighting off two Indians and turning her OTK!

Berard was probably the least well-known of the three spankees, but she acted her role well, yelping and wriggling delightfully all the way through her spanking. As you can see here, she also filled out the seat of her jeans rather nicely, and in fact those jeans helped make this spanking better than many other Western scenes in which the poor spanker has to contend with petticoats, bustles, and goodness knows what else as he tries to get at the seat of the trouble.

john kerr spanks roxane berard in rawhide

Over the knee and ready to begin!

John Kerr received guest-star billing, although he will probably not be recognized by the majority of CSR's readers. We remember him from his appearance on the New York stage in Tea and Sympathy (c. 1953 - we weren't there and didn't have time to look it up, but we know the history of the American theatre pretty well) and believe he reprised his role in the film version a few years later. (Interested readers can check out the dates and embarrass us if we got anything wrong).

john kerr spanks roxane berard in rawhide

It seems to be having some effect!

"That a boy, mister - lay it on!"

john kerr spanks roxane berard in rawhide

The arm of justice rises again!

This is a good, vigorous scene and we bet Roxane really felt some sting even through those jeans. Also enjoyable is her newfound respect for her husband - another marriage improved by spanking - and the fact that she rubs her bottom for some time afterwards!

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We counted 11 spanks landing in this scene. As an extra bonus, we also point out that one of the three spectators is Clint Eastwood. Extra bonus #2: we ran the closing credits so you can hear the classic Rawhide theme song, sung by Frankie Laine (great performance). "Younger" readers (not too young anymore!) may remember that in The Blues Brothers (1980), the band gets booked into a C & W bar in which the patrons, not exactly dyed-in-the-wool blues fans, express their impatience by throwing beer bottles. So what did the band do? They played this theme from Rawhide, to thunderous applause (and more beer bottles, this time thrown in appreciation)!

You might notice that the spanking seems very rapid. This rapid pace is not Kerr's decision; rather, the Chicago station which airs this and other old T.V. series tends to speed them up to save time. They actually admitted this to us when we confronted them! Anyway, while we could have slowed the clip down a little, the audio would have been lost, so we chose not to.

Here is the downloadable Windows Media version. To download, right-click and then select "Save Target As".

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