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Holy Corporal Discipline, Batman - Robin Spanks Batgirl!

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batgirl gettin spanked by robin

Press any key to help Robin give Batgirl a good spanking!

Warning: if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is an accompanying sound, namely an "Ouch!" when Batgirl gets the spank!

This one began life as part of David Marshall's wonderful Batgirl's Bad Day. Pablo, who has contributed his modifications of College Spanking and Combat Casey #7, then did two frames for an animated version, but since I don't have the software to create GIF animations, I turned it first into a video in WMV format and now into this user-interactive animation. Thanks to both of these stalwarts for their great efforts!

Note: your browser must have javascript enabled for this animation to work. It has been tested with IE and Firefox, but we couldn't find any reliable cross-browser method for the sound, which only works with IE.

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