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Spank Wonder Woman!

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wonder woman about to get the swat

Press any key to give Wonder Woman a good swat right where it will do her the most good!

Warning: if you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer, there is an accompanying sound, namely a "Yeowch!" when WW feels the sting!

A long time ago, we ran across an animated Wonder Woman paddling which we believe to be an early effort of Dr. Cylon's. Using only three frames and adding a paddle, he managed to produce a satisfying animated version of what had been a straight Julius Zimmerman bondage drawing by taking advantage of Zimmerman's positioning: Wonder Woman is bending over, back arched, and with her star-spangled panties down! This proved an irresistible temptation for Dr. Cylon, and for us as well in a slightly different way: for the only thing better than seeing WW get paddled is to be able to apply the implement yourself, and that's what we've arranged here with an interactive version of the good Doctor's animation.

Note: your browser must have javascript enabled for this animation to work. It has been tested with IE and Firefox, but we couldn't find any reliable cross-browser method for the sound, which only works with IE.

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