Three Girls, Three Swats!

girl 2 rubs the stinging area

Girl #2 tries in vain to rub away the sting as two guys in the background watch appreciatively.

Although we dutifully search YouTube every month for more public paddlings at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, we are indebted to Michael Masterson for locating this video which we then re-edited into the feature presentation seen here, "Three Girls, Three Swats".

This is the best paddling video we have yet seen come out of the Hofbrauhaus. It occurred during the day, so the lighting is good, and the cameraman actually seemed to know what he was doing, unlike many of the stumblebums you can see on our Playlist of Paddlings. Furthermore, it features not one, not two, but three lovely spankees, each of whom receives a good swat from the waiter's paddle! And each of them does some delightful after-the-swat rubbing of the affected region (#1 and #2 even dance around a little), while gamely smiling - they're good sports, when you consider that they're not warmed up to take such hard swats and the paddling technique used on them is far from perfect.

girl #1 bends over for the paddle

Girl #1 bends over to receive her swat. Good positioning and fine target!

Let's take a look at Girl #1. She was the best-positioned of the three, with a 90-degree bend at the waist (meaning she's bending over far enough), knees straight (the waiter had the good sense to see to this), and back arched. She seems to have chosen on her own to look straight ahead, unaware of how important that is to get the back arched, and you can see the nicely-upturned bottom that results.

Even at the Hofbrauhaus, a pretty girl getting paddled is enough of an attention-getter that the scene is being watched with anticipation by a guy two rows down and three waitresses near the kitchen. Time for some fun!

Some technical problems we must point out: the servers all seem to use the two-handed "baseball grip" on their paddles and they stand too far back, sometimes because a table obstructs them. As we have explained in All About Paddles, this is not the right way to grip the paddle, even though it is commonly used in fraternity/sorority paddlings, and standing this far back (with the left foot behind the spankee's feet) will result in azimuth misalignment, as we'll see in the next picture.

girl #1 receives her swat from the paddle

Girl #1 receives her swat after downing her shot.

The paddle is duly applied to the target. If you look carefully, you will see that it is striking the right side more than the left (this is what we mean by azimuth misalignment). The result will be a bullseye-shaped mark (and perhaps a bruise) on the right cheek, instead of a nice, evenly-distributed red blush on the lower central portion of the fanny. The waiter's heart may be in the right place, but his feet are not!

Also, the paddle has been rotated slightly from the vertical, probably because of the two-handed grip. While this is fine in baseball (because a bat, unlike a paddle, does not change its effective shape when rotated), the effect here is to strike slightly higher than we want. You also risk the upper edge of the paddle "biting" a little, which is why the paddle's edges should always be rounded (they're not with this model).

Another problem with the two-handed grip is that it tends to produce an involuntary overexertion of force from the paddler - remember, a paddle should not be swung as hard as a baseball bat! Our waiter does pretty well on that score, giving the girls hard but not brutal swats; still, a one-handed grip is preferable.

girl #1 feels the sting and rubs her bottom

Girl #1 really feels the sting - OUCH!

Now we get to enjoy the aftermath! She lets out a yelp and dances around a little, trying to rub the sting away (mostly on the right side as you'll see when you view the film). She's got a big smile on her face, though, and all three boyfriends sound pleased with the result when you listen to the audio. We love this part!

girl #3 feels the sting and rubs her bottom

Girl #3 discovers that the wooden paddle hurts more than she thought it would. The waiter enjoys a good laugh at her predicament, and so do we! Yay!

girl #3 still feeling the sting of the paddle

#3 was actually pretty stoic, and didn't dance around or anything, but when she realizes the sting isn't going to fade away on its own, she rubs for a long time. Big smile, though, so everyone had a good time!

We removed the extraneous material from the original video, leaving just a few seconds before each girl gets her swat. Then we repeat each swat and its aftermath in half-speed slow motion so we can really enjoy them. We hope you like the results!

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