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A Tribute to Birthday Spankings

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By Web-Ed

There are of course many kinds of spankings - disciplinary, sensual, recreational (paddlings at fraternal organizations), dramatic, fun, erotic, etc. The problem for the spanking aficianado (or "spanko" for short) is that many of these take place in private. I have probably managed to witness more spankings between other people than most spankos, and yet I never saw a girl getting paddled in school (even though it happened back in my school days) or by her sorority. (I did see two boys get paddled - not my idea of a good time, let me tell you.) Sensual or otherwise erotic spankings tend to take place in the bedroom. Public paddlings in bars are a very recent development and certainly never happened when I was a young man, which is good because if they had I'd probably have developed a drinking problem from spending so much time there! In the days before spanking magazines and videos, all these "private" spankings left us with trying to find spankings in movies, television, comics, etc. But there was one kind of very public spanking: the birthday spanking!

No one seems sure where or when the tradition started, but we see variations across Europe and the Americas. One theory is that the spanking is for good luck. Another is that the spanking is supposed to remind the birthday girl to be good all year. But whatever its origins, birthday spankings are very often public, making them a great deal of fun for spankos like us! Indeed, the first spanking I ever gave was at the age of six to a kindergarten classmate - a girl I was attracted to in a very innocent way - and it took place right in class! Yep, in the old days we actually did fun things in school without being suspended by the PC Police!

bettie page ready for birthday spanking

An old photo of Bettie Page turned into an animation, source unknown. These silly "kitten with a whip" photos were considered very kinky back in the 1950's. This may have been from an Irving Klaw shoot.

Birthday spankings are very often given at birthday parties, and I've seen a few of those, too, as I would assume most of us have. They vary considerably in quality and are most interesting if M/F, but F/F may be more common in practice. The tradition calls for the number of spanks to be equal to the birthday girl's age, plus one "to grow on". The hand is the implement most frequently employed, but nowadays some birthday paddlings do take place in bars as we'll see shortly, and there the more general rule is one swat (but it's a good one!). Because of the public surroundings, birthday spankings are most generally given over clothes, with a girl's skirt sometimes being lifted so she can get it on the seat of her panties. I have certainly been involved in a few private birthday paddlings, and in such cases I make sure to (1) bare the bottom, and (2) make the "extra" swat one to be remembered!

Let's see some examples of birthday spankings in photos, drawings, animations, and videos, beginning with at least the suggestion of one to come from Bettie Page, no less.

bettie page ready for birthday spanking

Here's another animated drawing of Bettie (I believe she's the intended model based on the bangs) from someplace called Rude Mountain. Whether they were rude or not, they don't seem to be in business any more and I have no idea why they created this back in 2000. Honestly, as much as I love Bettie, I can't see her as the Top in a spanking scene, and it's not just because F/M isn't my thing - I see her as a natural Sub even in a F/F scene. She was shown many times in both roles back in the 50's as I'm sure CSR readers are aware. It's a matter of the personality she projects, although with sexual matters one can never be sure - there are some faint hints that although not a true spanko, on rare occasions Bettie did assume the Top role, and we'll leave it at that.

june 1949 birthday spanking at S.I.C.

Here we have one of Richard Windsor's many photographic finds and it is thought to depict a birthday spanking. The spankee's smile is consistent with that, suggesting as it does that this was not a disciplinary spanking. I have no idea where this took place, although I can state with a high degree of confidence that "S.I.C." does not stand for Southeastern Illinois College. This could be a husband/wife photo, and the OTK positioning is rather nice. I can't help wondering who the photographer was or how he happened to be johnny-on-the-spot.

Let's see some birthday paddling videos now. This first one took place at the Hofbrauhaus Las Vegas, during a celebration of the spankee's 33rd birthday. One good thing about the swat she gets is that she says "Owww!" several times like she means it - while rubbing her sore bottom! I think she also says "Just like my dad" right at the end, implying she's received more than a few paternal spankings.

If you are using Internet Explorer with Active-X controls enabled, you will be able to see the player at left and use it to play the video. If not, click on one of the following two links to download the correct video file to your computer:

33rd Birthday - to play on your computer

33rd Birthday - to burn to DVD

paige about to get her 21st birthday paddle swat

Waiting for the swat...

Somewhat similar is this scene with a birthday girl named Paige just having turned 21. Here we see her bending over with her hands on a chair, awaiting the swat.

If you are using Internet Explorer with Active-X controls enabled, you will be able to see the player at left and use it to play the video. If not, click on one of the following two links to download the correct video file to your computer:

Paige's 21st Birthday - to play on your computer

Paige's 21st Birthday - to burn to DVD

paige after getting her 21st birthday paddle swat - ouch!

Ooooooh! That was a good one! Happy Birthday, Paige!

After the swat: Paige will feel that one for a while! Happy memories of her 21st birthday.

Yeowww!  The paddle is applied.

One more from the Hofbrauhaus in Las Vegas. This time the birthday girl is 29, and it's a nice "pain delay" scene in which it takes a couple of seconds for her to show her full reaction to the swat. Also, the waiter is a guy, so we finally have another M/F public paddling. One problem is that the videographer apparently thought he was shooting a biblical spectacular instead of a birthday party, and to get everyone in the scene he had to stand pretty far back - and with a low-resolution camera.

As an extra bonus attraction, the girl seated at the top left of the table must have ordered a shot also because we get to see her get paddled as well.

If you are using Internet Explorer with Active-X controls enabled, you will be able to see the player at left and use it to play the video. If not, click on one of the following two links to download the correct video file to your computer:

29th Birthday - to play on your computer

29th Birthday - to burn to DVD

Because of the problems with the videography, I made two attempts to improve it. In this first clip we see the swat only in slow motion as we simulate the camera zooming in on the spankee.

Just the Swat - to play on your computer

The paddle is applied -- yeowww!

In this second slow-motion replay of the swat I excised all the surrounding extraneous material, but unfortunately could not improve the resolution. The spankee's expression as the sting of the paddle sets in is still priceless!

The Swat Stings - to play on your computer

The Swat Stings - to burn to DVD

Let's return to cartoons with one of the modern practitioners of the art form, Nik Zula. The translation from the original Spanish may be rough, but it appears he based this gag on the old singing telegram, where a messenger delivered the message by singing it. Younger people may not even remember telegrams, let alone singing ones, but they used to be common enough, at least the non-signing type. Apparently one ex-boyfriend decided to improve on the singing telegram by making it a spanking telegram - with paddle! Possibly the ex-wife here won't be looking quite so pleased when she realizes she's getting a good swat for every year. Bend over, my dear...

nik zula cartoon of an ex-wife about to get a birthday spanking

© Nik Zula

Here's a real-life example similar to the Nik Zula cartoon: a man applies a "Happy Birthday" paddle to a lucky birthday girl. The paddling technique on display here leaves a lot to be desired, but look at the participants' faces - they're both having a great time!

Although I put "Ellis" in the file name of the photo at right (below), I didn't remember the source nor did I have it in my notes. Out of nowhere Sweetspot came to the rescue and identified it as Joe E. Brown giving Patricia Ellis a birthday spanking on the set of the movie Bright Lights from 1935. He also names Richard Windsor as the ultimate source for these photos, although I'm sure someone else appropriated them, putting them on his own web site, and that's where I found the second one. (If I had known they were Richard's, I would have had both of them in my files and I would have tagged them with "Windsor" which is my usual practice when I download his photos).

It appears that Chross has an entry for this movie in his data base. Thus if I have the credits straight, Richard Windsor found the photos, Chross identified them as coming from the set of Bright Lights (it's not a scene from the film, which had no spankings), and Sweetspot identified the spanker as Joe E. Brown - that's some teamwork!

photo of birthday swats administered by Joe E. Brown with a paddle to Patricia Ellis from Bright Lights

Joe E. Brown presents Patricia Ellis with a nice bouquet of flowers for her birthday. It's not clear whether she's noticed the big paddle in his left hand yet.(click to enlarge).

photo of birthday swats administered by Joe E. Brown with a paddle to Patricia Ellis from Bright Lights

"Now here's something else for your birthday, Patricia!" Photos from Richard Windsor with identifications by Chross and Sweetspot (click to enlarge).

Our next example is also from Richard Windsor, that indefatigable searcher of photographic records. There is a very sweet innocence about this scene featuring three young people that was a characteristic of the 1950's. The photo is identified as "Green Years Westwood Birthday Spanking 1959". Interestingly, two boys are providing a double-length lap for the young lady to be turned over, both of them armed with Jokari paddles! (I'm an expert on paddles, but not Jokari. However, my brief research suggests these two may go back to the 40's, which must be close to the beginning of the game.)

It's too bad the first boy's paddle obscures the second's face, but it's obvious that all three are having a very good time!

photo of birthday swats administered with a paddle by two guys

From Richard Windsor (click to enlarge).

Bubba's bar is apparently a place where women get the paddle on their birthdays. Unlike the Hofbrauhaus, which took paddles originally intended for serving drinks and started using them for spanking, Bubba's paddle was clearly modeled on the standard fraternity-sorority design. Someone did paint "Happy Birthday" on it, our third example of this practice here. Three women, including his cute blonde bartender Ashley, get paddled during this four-minute clip. Bubba normally did the paddling himself (an innkeeper after my own heart), but for some strange reason he deputizes a dark-haired girl to give Ashley a swat. When the weak stroke is applied, the audience starts booing (good for them) and Bubba tells Ashley to bend over, which she does, whereupon he gives her a decent swat himself!

What's the story with the dark-haired girl and her pathetic swat? She says afterward, "I didn't want to hurt her cute tushie." The audience's reaction - booing - is very interesting, as it indicates that these presumably vanilla customers understand that even the nicest spanking needs to sting a bit if it's to have any meaning.

If you are using Internet Explorer with Active-X controls enabled, you will be able to see the player at left and use it to play the video. If not, click on the following link to download the video file to your computer. For some reason I didn't make an MPEG-2 version of this one.

Bubba's Last Birthday Spankings - to play on your computer

For the final section of this tribute, we'll focus on a special sub-category of birthday spankings, namely Son Spanks Mother. I have remarked several times over the years that if children are to be involved in spankings (a bad idea) it would be far healthier for boys to spank grown women than for grown women to spank boys. (See my article The Whys of Spanking Chapter 4, for a detailed explanation). But apart from the issue of psychological health, it turns out that "Son Spanks Mother" turns up occasionally both in art and, somewhat more surprisingly, in real life!

We begin with an animation from Jon (Uasketcher) which features his frequent use of a camera or actual person to witness the spanking and so increase its humiliation.

uasketcher animated cartoon of a son giving his mother a birthday spanking

Art and animation by Jon (UASketcher).

Jon actually focused quite a bit of his attention on intra-family spankings although we only had one example of them (Brady Bunch Spanking) at the time we created our Memorial Gallery to him back in 2011. We'll be adding those works of his we found later, including some more Son/Mother spankings, at some future date.

son gives his mother a 46th birthday spanking

Mom bends over to receive 46 spanks! Still extracted from the video by Web-Ed.

O.K., so mothers getting birthday spankings in cartoons is one thing - what about real life? Well, thanks to one rather unusual (but happy!) family, we can now enjoy videos of a good son giving his mother her 46th, 47th, and 48th birthday spankings!

Mom is a really good sport here, bending over to receive her whacks, and the whole family appears normal, happy, and well-adjusted. I don't know if there's a lesson here, but the spankings don't do Mom any harm and the boy will be better prepared to assume the dominant role in his future relationships with women.

Mom's 46th Birthday Spanking

Mom's 46th - to play on your computer

Mom's 46th - to burn to DVD

Mom's 47th Birthday Spanking

Mom's 47th - to play on your computer

Mom's 47th - to burn to DVD

Mom's 48th Birthday Spanking

Mom's 48th - to play on your computer

Mom's 48th - to burn to DVD

son gives his mother a 46th birthday spanking

Mom bends over to receive 48 spanks! Still extracted from the video by Web-Ed (click to enlarge).

I hope you'll agree with me that these are remarkable videos. Not for the videography - in the 47th Birthday one, the cameraman twice rotated the camera 90 degrees, which works fine for still pictures but not video and I had to straighten it out when I edited the thing - and Dad does some goofy narration in #48, but for the facts that (1) The son spanks the mother, and (2) They put the film out on YouTube!

son gives his mother a 46th birthday spanking

After 48 spanks plus 1, Mom needs to rub her stinging seat a little! Still extracted from the video by Web-Ed (click to enlarge).

Not really hard spankings, of course, but the boy's getting a little stronger each year, and Toni (the mom) cries out twice in the last one (after swats 40 and 49) and rubs a little at the end. I also hope CSR readers will agree with me that she's cute and spankable! If I only knew where they lived, I'd be happy to send them a nice wooden paddle to make her next birthday the most memorable of all!

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