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By Web-Ed

uncle sam says i want you to bend over!

Spanking rituals tend to be exciting, whether it's a preliminary lecture (common in disciplinary scenes) or calling up the spankee in front of an entire group (rare, but occasionally seen years ago in schools or at modern spanking partis), and one ritual that's virtually inescapable is bending the spankee over in some way. Spanking someone in a standing position or lying prone on a bed is never very satisfying because you have poor access to the target and it's hard to apply either hand or implement, particularly the latter, without making some kind of error (described in detail in How to Use the Paddle, Strap, and Cane). Also a valuable opportunity to embarrass the spankee is being missed. Most of the time we're not going to go to extremes and make the spankee touch her toes, but even in the popular OTK position we are actually bending the spankee over our knees. In all cases the buttocks must be turned up and presented for full access.

Bending over, then, is a key part of spanking, and even if it isn't tied to corporal punishment, as noted above it does present the female derriere in an attractive way so even vanillas can appreciate it. Most of the examples I'm going to present here are not associated with spanking (except in the minds of deviant spankos such as ourselves). They basically fall into three categories:

paul johnson recording bend over

  1. Model is bending over for the delectation of the spectators. We've seen many examples of this type in Humorama Spanking Positions I and II (and will be seeing more in the future!).
  2. Model bends over causing humorous disruption as the surrounding males are distracted by the sight.
  3. Spankee bends over for paddling or caning. Such scenes of course are available everywhere so are not the principal concern of this article, but I couldn't resist including a couple of examples.

Left: Gershwin & Gershwin it ain't, but Andre Wade's "Bend Over" manages to get his point across. There is no connection between Chicago Style Records (CSR) and Chicago Spanking Review (CSR), but we must admit the title of this release is certainly one we'd consider if we ever branched out into the record business.

girl in tight dress bends over

Let's get off to a good start with a model who's really asking for it! As she bends over, she pulls the back of her thin dress taut and arches her back, forcing the material to stretch even tighter as her rear end is thrust out. It shows exactly why the spankee should be bent over, and really makes you want to give her a good hard swat with a wood paddle evil!

girl in tight dress bends over

We extracted one frame from the animation to allow a closer examination.

girl bends over the files

Now let's see an example from a typical day at the office. The guy with his arm leaning against the microwave oven doesn't seem to be getting much done, but on the other hand he's in a perfect position to observe this young secretary in a short skirt as she bends over to fill her cup.

girl bends over the files

Tech-savvy readers will want to know that this is frame #10 extracted from the animation. wink

girl bends over in courtroom

We've heard of "Order in the court" but bending over in the court? Our lady litigant here is trying hard to make her point (she's even standing on tiptoe) but the judge doesn't seem too impressed. Of course if any of us were in his position, we'd no doubt order the bailiff to bring us our paddle (who needs a gavel, anyway?).

girl in bikini bends over on the beach

This pose, of which we're particularly fondwink, will be familiar to CSR readers who remember Humorama Spanking Positions I and Humorama Spanking Positions II (in fact I'm sure I'll include it in Volume 3 of that series). Our unnamed model faces away from the camera and bends over, stretching her bikini bottom nice and tight and providing an excellent target for the paddle. This is clearly a Bunny Yeager photograph, although she was uncredited in the June 1951 issue of Good Humor.

O.K., now let's move on to the swingin' sixties and take a look at a couple of films from American International Pictures. AIP is probably best remembered for a string of silly "Beach Party" movies, one of which we'll see an excerpt from in a moment, but they also did some films based on the works of Edgar Allan Poe with Vincent Price and directed by Roger Corman. As a matter of fact, we're going to see Price order a girl robot in a gold bikini to bend over(!) right after we hit the beach with the film that created a genre, 1963's Beach Party.

This is a "model bends over causing humorous disruption" type of scene, and while it is the first appearance together of Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello, it's not Annette who causes a commotion at the beach by bending over; it's some other actress whose name we can't remember. (At least Annette did get taken OTK for a magazine photo once). It's pretty short, but then the gag is simple enough not to require much of an explanation.

html5 video by v3.9.1

The beach is a fine place for a girl to exercise, especially if it involves bending over. Annette Funicello prefers to read while her blonde friend keeps in shape. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

Next, let's listen to something we probably wouldn't expect to hear: Vincent Price commanding a girl to bend over!

html5 video format by v3.9.1

"Now bend over!" © American International Pictures Inc.

So what's going on here? Price plays Dr. Goldfoot (a thinly-disguised parody of Auric Goldfinger from the James Bond novel and movie of the same name) whose "bikini machine" produces girl robots wearing gold bikinis. In this scene, he's trying to use Susan Hart (as "Number 11") to get close to Frankie Avalon and Dwayne Hickman for some reason. When she bends over as directed, she gets Hickman's attention and nearly causes a traffic pile-up.

I've also included a brief scene with Hart and Avalon, less for its scintillating dialogue and more for a chance to get a better look at what's inside that gold bikini Hart's wearing.

html5 video player download by v3.9.1

© American International Pictures Inc.

The good thing about this scene is that having Hart bend over was purposely intended to attract male attention. The bad thing is that it wasn't all that well staged, and we only get one view of Hart from behind (hence the bonus scene in Frankie's apartment so we can get a better look).

dr. goldfoot movie poster

Susan Hart was no dummy, by the way. She married James H. Nicholson (see his name listed on the poster above) who co-founded AIP, and today as his widow owns 11 of the company's movies. (Interesting coincidence as her name was "Number 11" in Goldfoot). She really should get those things out on DVD if she hasn't already. (Goldfoot, which Hart doesn't own, is available on Blu-Ray although I'm not about to spring for a copy just to see if I can extract a better version of the bend-over-the-fender scene).

national lampoon april 1975 cover

Although spankos will always remember National Lampoon primarily for its classic "Back to College" spanking cover (September 1975), five months earlier they ran another cover that deserves closer inspection.

"These curves reveal a big bust at the tail end of a bum year!" Or so we are informed by the sales figures pointed out by a gorgeous redhead who resembles Maureen O'Hara (CSR Resident Artist HugoB00m would surely approve).

national lampoon april 1975 cover bending over

Our well-educated model (note her high school graduation cap) is bending over perfectly posed with hand on knees (the knees must be kept straight as they are here) and back arched, turning up her bottom. (Spankees are generally instructed to "Look up" or "Stick it out" to ensure this all-important back arch). Someone bring us a paddle!laughing face

red hot riding hood bends over © MGM

Let's see two examples from the world of animation now. The first is the classic Tex Avery cartoon Red Hot Riding Hood (1943) which was mentioned not long ago on the CSR Forum. It created quite a stir right from the start as a retelling of "Little Red Riding Hood" with Red as a sexy nightclub singer and the Wolf being, well, a wolf who chases after her. If he wasn't worked up enough before he catches her act, he is after he does so and sees her flip her skirt up and bend over.

html5 video poster by v3.9.1

(The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here). © MGM

dads tropy bends over

Our second example dates from many years later, when Dexter's Lab was running on the Cartoon Network (1996-99). I didn't have a clip from the actual show, "Nuclear Confusion," so what we're seeing here is an excerpt from a video that collected bits of sexual innuendo from various cartoons of that era. I took the liberty of slowing down the action at a critical point.wink

The plot is convoluted, but Dexter has to visit the lady next door in search of his missing nuclear power source. She wants to be a good hostess and gets a plate of cookies for Dexter. Then when one of the cookies drops to the floor, she becomes a very good hostess and bends over to pick it up! (Shades of Benny Hill, some excerpts from which we'll be seeing momentarily). "Dad's Trophy" is lettered across her behind, a nice bit of humor the politically-correct killjoys of today probably wouldn't allow to be shown any more.

html embed video by v3.9.1

(The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here). © Cartoon Network

benny hill in memoriam

We turn now to The Benny Hill Show, which has been mentioned many times on CSR. One of the more interesting things about his career is that despite his old-fashioned burlesque style of humor, which featured a lot of bending over (hence his appearance here), he was never that successful as a stage performer. But he was a fixture on British television for over twenty years and his show was hugely successful in syndication, particularly in the U.S., Australia, and Japan.

I first caught Benny on a Chicago television station in 1980. My young jaw dropped when I saw a pretty girl stop and bend over right in front of him as he sat at a table at an outdoor cafe. What the hell was this? (We'll see this scene as our first example below). Clearly, this was a show worth watchinglaughing face!

benny hill girl bends over

I didn't even own a VCR back then (few people did), and I did not begin recording the show until 1992, when Benny was being shown on a different Chicago station - WGBO. That was the year he died, as it happens, and WGBO had the decency to post an "In Memoriam" message when he died (above). In 2005, I transferred my old Benny tapes to DVD and this is the source I used in extracting the following "bending over" incidents as video excerpts. Unfortunately, they are far from high-definition, being recorded on VHS twenty-seven years ago from a rather weak signal, but it's the best we can do without access to better source material. (And like a lot of shows done by Thames Television in those days, Benny was taped, not filmed, resulting in a rather low-quality appearance even when it was new - think of Dr. Who during the 70's, for instance.)

In our first example, "Gavin Blod," Benny relates the life of a not-too-talented musician. In this scene, Benny is playing someone who knew Blod back in the days when he was in Vienna. This, as I mentioned above, was the first bending-over scene I ever saw on the show, and to this day, when a young lady (one I don't know and am not about to spank, I mean) bends over in front of me, I murmur "Danke schön" under my breath smiley face.

html5 player by v3.9.1

(The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

Benny #2: Benny often did a vocal number - one he would write himself - with risqué lyrics. His normal backup group was The Ladybirds, seen briefly here singing "Awooo! Awooo!" in response to Benny's "Oh, bend down girls, touch your toes-" well, hear it for yourselves.

html5 video support by v3.9.1

"Bend down girls, touch your toes, I'm gonna show you where the wild goose goes - think about it, will you?" asks Benny. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #3: This is a generally funny spoof of "The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau" which was a widely-shown documentary series in its day. I well remember seeing it on 16mm film in the school gym back in the 1960s. The crew is researching the mystery of the forward-walking crab, but becomes distracted by a pretty native girl. As Benny puts it, "They couldn't wait to get to the bottom."

html5 video support by v3.9.1

(The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #4: This is a rather strange parody of The New Avengers. Benny does a very fine impression of Patrick Macnee as John Steed - indeed, Macnee said that Benny's performance reminded him how to play the role which he had originated in the 60s but had not played between 1967, when the original Avengers series was cancelled, and 1976, when the sequel series was launched. (That dates this sketch to 1976).

I've made this a rather long excerpt to include the two scenes just before the one we're most interested in. Steed, Purdy, and two hospital employees (played by Rita Webb and Henry McGee) are apparently playing strip poker using patient charts instead of playing cards, which is a wonderfully bizarre idea. Purdy loses to Steed's hand of four enemas ("A royal flush") and is about to pay up by dropping her pantsshocked when the scene cuts abruptly to a different room - rats!sad face

The bending over occurs in yet another scene that takes place in a library. It's difficult to describe, so I'll let it speak for itself. For scholarly purposes, I have repeated the critical part in slow motion so that it may be more easily studied. geek

html embed video by v3.9.1

Purdy loses at strip poker and must pay with her shorts - too bad it wasn't a spanking. I can't positively identify the actress playing Purdy, nor the one who bends over in the library. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here). And by the way, there are (or will be) three semi-spanking scenes from the original Avengers in the Video Section.

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #5: Another one that's hard to explain to younger readers. Benny based this sketch on the difficulty television stations used to have in broadcasting movies that had used the widescreen process (TV in those days used a 4:3 ratio, not the 16:9 ratio we have today). The idea is that the TV camera operator has to fish around for the action, while truncating a good part of the picture. That leads to a focus on the derriere of an actress I can't identify (but was in some other sketches I remember) as she bends over the car trunk.

html embed video by v3.9.1

"It looks so nice with the sun shining on it." (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #6: With this one we're back to the old "Bend over the files" gag so familiar to CSR readers from the Humorama cartoons. This time I was able to identify our very cooperative actress as Teresa Lucas because I remembered she had been part of the dance troupe Love Machine, whom Benny had invited to perform on his show before the days of "Hill's Angels" as they were eventually known.

html embed video by v3.9.1

Teresa Lucas bends over the files, causing Benny to lose count. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #7: One of my personal favorites of Hill's Angels, Abigail Higgins, looks so fetching as she bends over in her purple panties (or knickers, as the Brits would say) that she even distracts Benny the newscaster watching her (in some strange way) from the TV studio. Then she has the good sense to bend over again to turn the TV volume down, allowing us to appreciate the view she had given Benny. Lord, what a spankable behindshocked! I do wish she had bent over a bit further, though.

ogg video by v3.9.1

The lovely Abigail Higgins distracts Benny Hill by bending over. The other gag is that Benny has reached out through the TV set and taken a bite of her pastry, mystifying her when she picks it up at the end of the clip. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #8: This is probably the best gag here. It's a variation on the time-honored "Bend over, get a swat" routine we have commented on many times in the past, but with some typical Benny variations. Benny, having already caused a commotion at the hotel's front desk with a fountain pen, now signs the register with a different pen and lets it go, causing its elastic to contract and turning the pen into a missile headed straight for the bending-over buttocks of a girl (whom I can't identify) wearing polka-dotted pants.

The pen finds its mark, and the outraged "spankee" straightens up, rubs her behind (love this bit!), and then slaps the short guy next to her thinking he was the guilty party. In a true Benny touch, after she explains her action to the guy's date, she slaps him as well (this happens quickly so watch for it). This adding of insult to the injury of an innocent party was a kind of almost cynical humor that Benny did very, very well. In fact, there was another example of it in Benny #7 above but I didn't include it in the clip because the sketch was so long. At the end, Benny the newscaster has been shot, and seeing him slumped at his desk, Abigail says disparagingly, "Look at that - drunk again."

ogg video by v3.9.1

Bend over, get shot in the butt with a flying pen. Nice job bending all the way down with knees straight by an actress whose face is obscured by her hair. The vocal is by Eddie Buchanan, who did the more "serious" singing (as serious as anything was with Benny), Benny himself of course doing the less-serious singing as we have already seen.(The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #9: this is the "silent movie" type of sketch Benny often did, in which the story is told without words and generally with the movements speeded up. In this one, Benny plays a poor suitor who is turned down by his girlfriend but then achieves wealth and returns to propose marriage to her (Sue Upton, probably the most important of Hill's Angels and certainly Benny's favorite, seen here seated on the couch). But just as he unveils a huge engagement ring, the maid enters with a bottle of champagne and bends over to retrieve a serving cloth. The cork blows out of the bottle, symbolizing Benny's new-found lust for the maid with the cute behind, and the chase is on.

ogg video by v3.9.1

Bending over leads to chaos. I cannot identify the actress playing the maid. The girlfriend is Sue Upton while the butler is played by long-time Benny supporting actor little Jackie Wright. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #10: This is similar to #9 in that it is another of the "bending over leads to mishap" type of scene, and it is another "silent movie". It does however feature the most extended actual bending over of all these sketches. The gag is that a carpenter is so distracted by the sight of our unknown actress bending over he mistakenly saws through his table, causing it to collapse - a gag we'll see repeated in #11.

The actress's face is not shown, and I'd guess she requested it be that way because of the nature of the shot and the semi-transparent black panties she's wearing (which you can see through if you look carefully - I've helpfully made this easier by repeating the critical close-up in slow-motion).

ogg video by v3.9.1

The longest of the bending-over bits, repeated in slow-motion. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #11: the same gag as #10, but less-prolonged. Our bending-over girl wears short-shorts instead of panties. I have not been able to identify her.

ogg video by v3.9.1

(The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #12: Erica Lynley was well-qualified physically for her role here, in which she must bend over and adjust Benny's TV because he refuses to get one with a remote control. Benny's expression in answer to her irritated observation is absolutely priceless - a lesson in how much an actor can convey without saying anything. I wish her skirt had been a little shorter, though.

ogg video by v3.9.1

Erica Lynley bends over for us, and displays (among other things wink) a bad attitude that deserved a spanking. (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

benny hill girl bends over

Benny #13: Benny's show this time featured his view of what Irish television might look like. One program was the Irish version of Kojak, "O'Jack", of course featuring Benny himself as Lt. O'Jack. Once again a maid must bend over to pick something up (in this case a magazine). This scene does give us a very nice viewing angle and Emma Bryant bends down beautifully, carefully positioning herself facing away from us and keeping her knees perfectly straight. Like many of Hill's Angels, she had been a dancer, which may have something to do with it. Henry McGee plays Crocker.

ogg video by v3.9.1

"She's a pretty little lass" (the second meaning being "She has a pretty little ass") - typical Benny word-play. Emma Bryant should have gotten a special award for bending over so beautifully in "O'Jack". (The player above should work with most browsers, or download the video here).

For convenience, I have made an unedited compilation of all the Benny Hill video segments here. It is in MP4 format for easy playing on home computers. Because I took it from the raw digital source it doesn't have the slo-motion repetitions.

End of Part 1.

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