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Aquaman Spanks Namorita

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aquaman spanks namorita art by vulcanspock commission for monk

Art by Vulcanspock commissioned by Monk. Characters © DC Comics Inc. and Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 9/02/2016 (click to double-size).

For the second of our two scenes featuring Aquaman, we have an interesting crossover: the spankee is Namorita, a cousin of Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner (see Sub-Mariner #52). As a matter of fact, we have seen Namorita's mother Namora spanked by Miss America in this gallery, but probably none of these characters are very familiar to CSR readers, except for Namor himself who was one of Timely/Marvel's big guns during the Golden and Silver Ages.

As both of these are aquatic characters, this DC/Marvel crossover makes sense, and presumably that's why Monk commissioned it from Vulcanspock. (We last heard from this team with last year's Superman Spanks Wonder Girl #1. Vulcanspock has done two other commissions for Monk we've seen in these pages but recently seems to have disappeared from the spanking art scene, while Monk himself has been a long-time contributor to CSR. A tip of the cap here to both of them.)

Although the anatomy is a little rough, Vulcanspock has given Namorita a nice, curvy figure, while Aquaman seems resolute as a good spanker should be. She did pretty well with the OTK positioning also, although in practice Namorita's hips would be too far back and she would tend to slide off Aquaman's lap.

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