batgirl spanks unknown girl

Batgirl is © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/13/2009

We continue with our series "Batgirl Hits Bottom". In this third entry, Batgirl once again plays the dominant role, this time spanking someone we don't recognize. Whoever it is doesn't seem to be very shy or to mind getting spanked, since she's smiling and waving at us, and Batgirl looks pretty happy too. As fond as we are of disciplinary spankings, it's nice to see ones like this from time to time that are primarily friendly, just for fun, or erotic (or all of the above).

This drawing is signed "DNN", an artist we're not familiar with, although if he's done any more like this, we'd sure like to see them. In our next entry, we'll see what happens when Batgirl falls into the clutches of the Catwoman (as if you couldn't guess).

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