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Batman Spanks Catwoman #8

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batman spanks catwoman by antimad1

The powerful Batman perfectly positions Catwoman's shapely rear end as he prepares to give the submissive criminal the spanking she most surely deserves! Art by Antimad1. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/04/2015 (click to triple-size).

This is the eighth time Batman has spanked Catwoman in this gallery, but it may well be the most erotic depiction we have seen to date. The eroticism derives from the sheer masculinity and femininity on display, as well as Catwoman's submissive posture and expression: the muscular Batman has placed Catwoman over his knee in such a way that her full, shapely buttocks are turned up and protruded directly into the future line of fire from his right had - the very definition of good OTK positioning. Take a moment to click on the image to enlarge it so you can really savor the elements here, from the characters' expressions to the sheer draftsmanship involved. We can see only two very slight errors, and they don't detract from the viewing experience: Batman's eyes, by tradition, are not visible through his cowl, and his bat-symbol is missing from his chest. Catwoman is purr-fect - even her eye color is correct (green)!

The artist is a Ukranian named Antimad1, a newcomer to CSR although he's been around for several years. Despite his excellent work here, he doesn't seem to be into spanking but rather into Batman and Catwoman, who have been the subject of most of his known works. We're not sure exactly what techniques he used to create the effects here, but his clarity, sensuality, sense of beauty, and color control are all excellent. We hardly need add we would love to see him do another spanking, even if it's these two again!

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