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Batman Spanks Catwoman #6

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We've seen a generic superhero spanking from Tim, so let's see what he can do with established characters. The characters here are well-established indeed: Batman and Catwoman. Catwoman brats and taunts Batman: "In 1940, you promised you'd spank me ... so what are you - a man or a flying mouse?" ["flying mouse" = fledermaus, the German word for Bat]. Not the smartest thing to do with a guy like Batman, who quickly turns Catwoman over his knee and bares her bottom!

Good OTK positioning. Tim is still a young, developing artist, and we'll be interested to see how his spanking art matures in the future. Thanks to Tim for drawing this and to Michael for sending it in.

batman spanks catwoman by tim

Art by Tim (click to increase in size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/27/2012.

Catwoman makes reference to a promised spanking from back in 1940. Let's see now what she was referring to. Many of you will have seen these panels before, as they always seem to turn up on any internet search for superhero spanking and have appeared on innumerable blogs. They do indeed go back to the spring of 1940 and Batman #1. Batman is seen wiping off a female criminal's make-up and telling her, "Quiet or papa spank!" This is actually the first appearance of the Catwoman (here called simply "The Cat"), although it's not Batman's debut despite this being issue #1 of his own title.

There seems to be a good deal of fascination in the comics blogging world with Batman's words, "Quiet or papa spank!" probably because it's not the kind of thing you'd hear today. But 1940 is getting to be a long time ago, and that sort of patter was common at the time, so we can't fault Bill Finger for using it. (Eight years later in the song "Bianca", Cole Porter's lyric in rhyming "Bianca" admonishes "or papa spank-a!". The name of the show? Kiss Me Kate!)

batman threatens to spank catwoman

"Quiet or papa spank!" Catwoman's first appearance, from Batman #1 (Spring 1940). Story by Bill Finger, art by Bob Kane and Jerry Robinson.

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