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Batman Spanks Harley

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We've seen Harley Quinn in a lot of spanking situations, but we've only seen her spanked by Batman once and that was two years ago. It's time to remedy that now with this piece by Reks in which the caped crusader takes Harley fully OTK (good position) for some overdue punishment, which we're sure he considers a more effective method of dealing with female felons that trying to rehabilitate them using wimpy conventional methods. Not surprisingly, we agree!

Reks draws rather slim figures, but Harley's slender bottom is still very attractive when bared, and we imagine Batman will soon wipe that grin off her face once he gets going! We've seen Reks' work once before in this gallery, in Kid Flash Spanks Jinx.

batman spanks harley quinn by reks321

Art by Reks. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 9/28/2012.

10/19/2012 Update: Hugob00m was good enough to make some enhancements, having this to say:

"I thought that Batman should've been more muscular and Harley should've been more voluptuous. In this slightly altered picture, I added a bit more curve to Harley's backside (and some color too!), but I decided to leave Batman's scrawny arms alone."
Something b00m didn't mention but that we note with satisfaction is that the smirk has been completely wiped off Harley's face - this is a bad girl spanking, after all!

batman spanks harley quinn by reks321

Art by Reks with enhancements by Hugob00m. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/19/2012.

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