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Batman Spanks O. T. Katie!

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We've come to enjoy doing Super-Spanking Summer each year, but we always run into the same problem: independent spanking art featuring superheroines or super-villainesses is overwhelmingly of the F/F orientation. Obviously there are a lot of males out there who like the girl-girl stuff, but a lot of CSR old-timers, including the ol' Web-Ed here, would like to see a greater proportion of M/F works. And instead of just complaining about this, CSR Resident Artist Hugob00m decided to actually do something about it by contributing this drawing of Batman spanking O. T. Katie! (B00m's original character).

Originally posted over on the CSR Forum, we decided to re-post it here in this gallery. Apparently Katie decided to go to a costume party dressed as the super-villainess Poison Ivy, which sounds innocent enough but probably isn't a good idea if you happen to be visiting Gotham City. B00m didn't provide any other details, but we'd guess the Dark Knight spotted her and decided to deliver some swift justice! Katie protests that she isn't the real Poison Ivy, but either Batman doesn't believe her or he does believe her and just decided it was so much fun spanking her he wasn't going to stop.

batman spanks o.t. katie by hugob00m

Art by Hugob00m. Batman is © DC Comics Inc. Katie is © Hugob00m.

Poison Ivy has appeared in this gallery many times before, so you can see her getting spanked (and occasionally spanking her sometime-partner in crime Harley Quinn) here many times. (Follow the link below marked "COMICS GALLERY 1".) As for Katie, you will find her newest adventures over in B00m's gallery (link above) and a few of her earliest appearances over in the Picture Gallery.

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