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Catwoman Spanked by Joker's Machine

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We talked about the pros and cons of machine spanking recently in Raven Spanked by Machine so we won't repeat ourselves here. Although the positioning isn't great here, there are at least three things of note:

  1. Catwoman has somehow run afoul of The Joker, who uses a spanking machine to humiliate her and who has forced her to simulate his Joker-grin (probably by chemical means as this happened in some of the 70's Batman comics).
  2. Harley Quinn, the Joker's moll, has left a note saying "Nice Butt, Kitty Kat!"
  3. Catwoman's panties are being pulled down, sort of, by her own legs. A "Wedgie effect" seems to have been intended, although we're happy to say this isn't a true wedgie. We do get to see a nice red bottom.

The artist, RWedgie, has an unfortunate predilection for wedgies, as his name suggests. We don't know where this comes from, but we hope he spends less time on them and more on spanking in the future.

And for those who would rather see The Joker actually take Catwoman over his knee and spank her by hand, this actually happened in a comic book! See Joker Spanks Catwoman which we posted in Comics Gallery 2 six years ago.

catwoman spanked by the joker's machine art by rwedgie

Art by RWedgie. Catwoman is © DC Comics Inc. (Click to increase in size)

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