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captain britain spanks female robin

A stern Captain Britain takes a female Robin to the woodshed. Art by Mr. Jer. Captain Britain © Marvel Characters Inc. Robin © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/09/2013.

To call this pairing "unusual" is something of an understatement: they were published by two different companies in two different countries. Captain Britain was the rather obvious British answer to Captain America, published by Marvel UK beginning in 1976. Robin to many of us will always mean Dick Grayson, although in this case we're sure glad it isn't he! There have been at least three other Robins, the fourth being Stephanie Brown, but this one doesn't look like her. With DC constantly retconning everything, it's hard to be sure of who's who, even if (like us) you use the DC Comics Encyclopedia as a constant reference guide. Let's call her Stephanie for now and just be glad she's female!

We certainly have no objection to "crossover" spankings with characters from one company spanking those of another, yet it does seem odd to import Marvel's Captain Britain all the way from overseas just to spank DC's Robin - this was probably a commission for someone, and a good one it is, for the OTK positioning is excellent, as are the expressions. Stephanie isn't as full through the hips as some of Mr. Jer's previous spankees have been, but slender athletic women need spankings, too, as we're sure CSR readers will agree!

Here's another view of Captain Britain as he appeared on the cover of a January 2002 one-shot by Alan Moore and Alan Davis. cover of captain britain by moore and davis (2002)

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