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Batman Spanks Batgirl #5

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batman spanks art by batgirl mr jer

Batman means business as he teaches Batgirl a good lesson! Art by Mr. Jer. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/16/2013.

We've mentioned that the Superman/Supergirl pairing is probably the most natural for spanking scenes in which a superhero spanks a superheroine, because Superman was Supergirl's older first cousin and actually stood in loco parentis during her early Silver Age appearances when it was believed that her parents Zor-El and Allura were dead. (Zor-El was the brother of Superman's father Jor-El, for those who are curious about the family tree). Batgirl II (Barbara Gordon) isn't related to Batman, but she is younger and of course having styled herself as a female version of him should expect to receive his guidance and discipline.

Mr. Jer depicts her receiving a healthy dose of that discipline here, bottom bared and titian tresses flying as she feels the sting! This is another fine effort on his part, with excellent OTK positioning and draftsmanship. Both expressions are good, especially Batgirl's, which looks to be a mixture of repentance and distress as her bottom turns as red as her hair! Batman is drawn more as he appeared in the 1940's, with of course his old Bat-insignia (the one without the more familiar yellow ellipse around it which makes it resemble the Bat-signal), slightly enlarged to good effect.

batman spanks art by batgirl mr jer modified by pablo

Pablo's modifications to the original art of Mr. Jer. Oooooh, that smarts! Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/07/2015.

Pablo sent us this modification of Mr. Jer's drawing. Given the red coloring of Batgirl's bottom in the original, Mr. Jer must have intended to convey that it was bare, but since he limited his hues for stylistic effect, Pablo re-interpreted the grey coloring of her legs as costume tights, and accordingly takes them down to make sure there's no doubt - Batgirl's bare buttocks will be well-warmed before Batman is finished! He also added some stinging effect lines around the more-upraised rear and the shadow of the bat on the wall for expressionistic effect. Mr. Jer's original was already excellent, but Pablo's alterations take nothing away and do represent an enhancement in certain ways.

We've seen Pablo's enhancements in this gallery before:

Pablo's intentions are to bare the bottom (when necessary) and raise it up or otherwise emphasize it for greater spankability, and we thank him for sending this one in to us.

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