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Catwoman Post-Spanking by Lyndal Ferguson

Comics Gallery 1

lyndal ferguson drawing of a post-spanking catwoman

Original art by Lyndal Ferguson. © DC Comics Inc. Scanned and posted by the Web-Ed on 09/17/2010.

As we mentioned on the main page of Comics Gallery 2, Lyndal Ferguson came to our rescue by providing us with a Mr. Monster centerpiece for it. At the same time, he also sent us this original drawing of Catwoman post-spanking, and we are extremely grateful to him for this generous contribution.

Lyndal's Catwoman is obviously modeled on Julie Newmar, whose portrayal of Catwoman on the old Batman TV series is still fondly remembered today (2010) almost forty-five years later. (There was some discussion of this subject on the Spanking In Media Forum). Here, Catwoman is pictured post-spanking with a satisfied expression, and from the color of her bottom, we'd guess that on this occasion Batman has applied his Bat-paddle with exceptional vigor!

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