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Circe Spanks Wonder Woman

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Monk has played a prominent role in this year's (2015) Super Spanking Summer, most recently with Captain America Spanks Stargirl, which he commissioned. He did likewise with this example of Wonder Woman where we want her, namely OTK. Our spanker here is Circe, of Greek mythology but not of DC's WW stories, and she has Diana in a very vulnerable position indeed! Bisontom, whose work we saw most recently in Batgirl's Comeuppance, knows how to raise the spankee's bottom up high for hand or paddle, and while under the control of her own magic lasso, Diana has no choice but to do so at Circe's command. Some Amazons watching and laughing nearby can only increase her humiliation!

circe spanks wonder woman by bisontom commissioned for Monk

Wonder Woman's pleas fall on deaf ears as Circe winds up to deliver the first of many tremendous spanks! Art by Bisontom (commissioned by Monk). Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/28/2015.

Bisontom is a natural for spanking art, having done a lot of "behind in jeopardy" pieces as well as some comically fantastic big rear ends. We hope he'll continue to do more spanking work, and for those who might want a custom drawing he does accept commissions like this one.

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