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Batman Spanks Wonder Woman by El Manto Negro

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We're not sure how many different spankers Wonder Woman has had in this gallery, and compiling a list would take all day, but while The Joker has strangely been among them, his arch-nemesis Batman has not. Perhaps that is what impelled El Manto Negro to tackle the pairing here, although CSR Resident Artist Dan Rivera posted a drawing suggesting a romantic entanglement between the two over on the Wonder Woman topic on the forum.

batman spanks wonder woman by el manto negro

Art by El Manto Negro. Characters are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/21/2015.

WW certainly isn't suffering here, or even pretending to - but then again, why bother when everyone knows she's into it? EMN's bending-over-the-desk position is excellent, with a good back arch as WW's arms are extended and her wrists of course bound with her own magic lasso. This would be a great position for the Bat-Paddle, but Batman seems content to use his hand. The only thing we don't like is her thong-panties - we hate thongs! Better to have her regular panties and then take those down completely. Good enraptured expression on Wonder Woman's face, while Batman is serious as always but looks like he might be enjoying this just a bit!

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