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Joker Spanks Harley Quinn #8

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harley quinn running from joker with her fanny on fire harley quinn putting icepack on her freshly-spanked bottom

Art by Grimphantom. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/28/2013 (click to triple-size).

In the 4th of our four-part Joker/Harley mini-series we don't actually see the Joker spanking Harley, but we do get a look at the results: Harley's fanny is on fire, causing her to seek relief with an ice pack. From the looks of those stripes, we'd surmise the Joker is using a cane these days, and Harley seems justifiably relieved that her latest punishment is over.

The art is by Grim Phantom, or grimphantom as he styles his name. He is a busy and popular artist who does mainly characters from animation as they appear on their shows, with somewhat enhanced busts and behinds, mostly on a commission basis as the Harley rump roast was here. We're not too familiar with most of these characters since we have a hard time getting into modern-day animated cartoons, but he has a great talent for accurately reproducing them, typically in humorous situations. He does not do bondage or porn, yet his work is undeniably erotic and he seems to have no problem with "behind in jeopardy" situations. This is the only outright spanking-themed drawing we've seen him do.

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