Chicago Spanking Review

Joker Spanks Batgirl #7

Comics Gallery 1

joker spanks a standing batgirl by loose-wires

Art by Loosewires. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 8/26/2016.

Batgirl hasn't had much luck against The Joker. She's gone up against him six times before now in this gallery, and each time the result is the same - a red bottom. Therefore it should come as no surprise to anyone when their seventh encounter ends the same way. The only thing different is that the standing position is employed - not our favorite, but any Batgirl spanking is good Batgirl spanking.

Our artist is Loose Wires, who draws in a great many styles and is no stranger to bondage or the occasional spanking. He did this one as a sketch and never fleshed it out, but it's complete enough to be interesting.

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