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Robin Spanks Catwoman #1

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A teen-age superhero sidekick is basically an apprentice, someone younger to learn the business from the older master and maybe take it over some day. One of the many tasks that Robin has to learn is how to spank Catwoman for her feline felonies, although he doesn't seem to need too much coaching from Batman here. Fans of hand-spanking will notice that Robin eschews the use of the Bat-Paddle but seems to be getting good results without it.

"Don't forget Alfred!" says Alfred, and we shouldn't forget that in the Batman comics Alfred is the only one ever to spank Catwoman, albeit off-panel (get the story here).

robin spanks catwoman

Art by Larry Malone. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 9/02/2016.

Larry Malone is a young American artist about whom we know little. He never mentions any influences or formal training. He likes to draw women with large bosoms and ample behinds, and has a definite interest in spanking, fortunately for us. He certainly seems to have taken very little from anyone else; his superheroes are drawn in his own style and do not adhere to any general models. (In fact he doesn't seem to have used any references at all, which explains why he didn't reproduce the costumes correctly). That style inclines toward the "cartoony" but is also definitely "good girl" in the tradition of Bill Ward and some of the other Humorama artists. Sometimes he veers too far toward the pornographic for our tastes, but then he's still very young.

We think after viewing most of his published work that he has some real talent as it appears he's producing his drawings using mainly magic markers and colored pencils! It would be interesting to see what he could do if he spent some time seriously studying the mechanics of drawing and learning to use some additional tools.

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