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Batman Spanks the Carrie Kelly Robin

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We come now to the second of two spankings of the Carrie Kelly Robin. As we explained last time, she was introduced thirty years ago in Frank Miller's The Dark Knight Returns (set in the future when Batman is 55 years old). This time the spanker is Batman himself, and he has to be one of the most natural superhero spankers out there. He's certainly laying it on well at the moment, but then Carrie must have done something to deserve it. Superheroing is a serious business, and female apprentices need frequent spankings to keep them on the right track if they want to have successful careers.

Our artist is El Manto Negro, who surely needs no introduction by this point. CSR readers saw him most recently in Wally West Spanks Artemis, and as we mentioned there his style is characterized by solid composition, very clean lines, and bright colors, all of which are on display here. We also have a very nice variant OTK position, with Batman using a leg lock to ensure that Carrie doesn't go anywhere until she's been spanked enough.

batman spanks the carrie kelly robin art by el manto negro

Art by El Manto Negro. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 8/19/2016.

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