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We rarely present anything but actual spanking scenes in the comics galleries, reserving such material for the CSR Forum, but in this case we chanced upon two complementary drawings of Wonder Woman (by two different artists) that represent before-spanking and after-spanking - at least, that's our interpretation of them - which are so nice we just had to share them. In the first (below left), WW is lowering her fabled star-spangled panties, and the expression on her face tells us she's been ordered to do so in preparation for a spanking to come. In the second (below right), she's obviously received a spank since the outline of the spanker's hand is visible on her generously-sized bare bottom.

wonder woman lowers her panties vince sunico

"I don't care if you are a superheroine. Take those panties down, young lady - you're getting a spanking!" Art by Vince Sunico colored by Powerbook125. Wonder Woman © DC Comics Inc. (click to increase in size). Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/15/2013.

wonder woman reveals a spanked bottom by bikerbloke

Art by Bikerbloke (Click to increase in size.)

Vince Sunico pencilled the first. He is an artist of considerable skill, drawing a lot of super-hero stuff but very little in the way of "cheesecake" other than this "take them down" shot, and no actual spankings despite the fact we can't see this one as anything other than the prelude to a session OTK or bending over for swats. Powerbook125 decided to color it and did a very fine job. He's never done any spanking work either as far as we know, having a quite different interest that we won't go into here.

Bikerbloke, who did the second, is another matter - he likes to draw women with full round sexy derrieres and is not averse to having them spanked now and then. We'll be seeing a couple of his actual spanking scenes in the future. He gave Wonder Woman very little in the way of panties here, and then took even those down (we don't expect to hear any complaints about that) to reveal a glorious backside - "spankable" is the word that comes to mind. The red handprint is very nice, but WW needs a lot more where that one came from.

wonder woman lowers her panties vince sunico

Art by Vince Sunico. Wonder Woman © DC Comics Inc. (click to increase in size).

Here is Sunico's original art. It's very nice, but for us, color always increases the eroticism of a black & white drawing.

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