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Power Girl Spanks Supergirl, by El Manto Negro

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A late entry in this Supergirl mini-series comes from El Manto Negro (The Black Cloak), whose work we have seen previously in Triplicate Girl Spanked. Power Girl and Supergirl never seem to tire of spanking each other, which is fine with us because we never tire of seeing them spanked! This time, Power Girl has bared Supergirl's bottom by the simple expedient of tearing her uniform and now proceeds to administer a well-deserved punishment. We'd much prefer to see either the OTK or bending-over positiong used, but the expressions and coloring are very good indeed, and we wish EMN would produce more superheroine spanking work.

superman spanks supergirl by dave wolfe

Art by El Manto Negro. Power Girl and Supergirl are © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/09/2011.

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