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Queen Marlena Spanks Princess Adora (She-Ra)

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model sheet for adora

This appears to be an actual model sheet (for the animators to follow) of Princess Adora. Thanks to Grizzlor for posting it. © Mattel Inc.

Like her brother He-Man, She-Ra, Princess of Power had a secret identity: Adora, Princess of Etheria (somehow nobody ever realized that since Adora was the only princess they had, and since She-Ra called herself "princess" also, they must have been one and the same person). But even a Princess may be spanked by a Queen, as El Manto Negro realized, so he did this drawing of Adora getting the tawse from her mother, Queen Marlena.

The bending-over position is well-done here, with Adora's elbows flat on the table (forcing her to bend over further than if it were just her hands), head and shoulders up, arching the back and turning her bottom up. We have to agree with Queen Marlena: no girl is too old for a spanking!

queen marlena spanks she-ra (as Adora) with a tawse, by el manto negro

Princess Adora (She-Ra) disciplined by her mother Queen Marlena. Art by El Manto Negro. Characters © Mattel Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/13/2013.

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