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She-Ra Spanks Scorpia

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she-ra princess of power

She-Ra. © Mattel Inc.

isis, from the dc comic book

Isis. Published by DC Comics Inc.

Like her brother He-Man, She-Ra was a fairly generic character, although we always thought she bore a resemblance to the DC Comics version of Isis. But since Isis was a goddess in Egyptian mythology, DC's claim to a copyright on the character would have been tenuous at best, and no lawsuit was ever commenced. (Conan Properties did sue over He-Man, but that's another story).
model sheet for scorpia from grizzlor

Let's meet our spankee-to-be, Scorpia! This appears to be an actual model sheet preserved by Grizzlor. © Mattel Inc.

Today's spankee is the villainess, Scorpia, who resembles a scorpion with her pincer-like hands and stinger-equipped tail. She looks quite a bit like a female version of the old Spider-Man villain The Scorpion. Anyway, she deserves everything she's about to get!

In the last of the three She-Ra scenes by El Manto Negro, we have good OTK positioning, specifically the variant in which the spanker uses one leg to lock both of the spankee's in position, and a gloating She-Ra rubs it in by asking Scorpia, "How is the sting?" Judging from the color of Scorpia's bare bottom, we'd say it's stinging pretty good about now!

she-ra spanks scorpia by el manto negro

She-Ra puts some sting into Scorpia's tail! Art by El Manto Negro. Characters © Mattel Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/13/2013.

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