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We mentioned in the previous entry involving the Teen Titans, Raven Spanks Redraven, that we didn't much care for the Teen Titans Go! animated series. However, our spanker today is Red X, and he's from the earlier Teen Titans series (not to be confused with the few old Filmation Teen Titans shorts from the '60's). We'll try to explain who he is in a moment. Our spankee and artist are once again Raven and El Manto Negro respectively, both of whom should be quite familiar to CSR readers by now.

Good OTK positioning and a nice, simple hand spanking plus EMN's usual clarity and color sense are the strong points here, with the employment of a gag in the shape of a red "X" being a clever addition.

redx spanks raven art by elmantonegro

Art by El Manto Negro. Characters © DC Comics Inc. and Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/04/2015.

O.K., so now it's time for another of our famous "explanations" of who someone is that usually explain nothing! Who is Red X? The truth is that no one really knows, at least for Red X #2. The first Red X was actually Robin, who adopted the Red X guise to pursue the villain Slade. Later on, the Red X suit Robin had created fell into the possession of an unknown thief who used it to commit a series of burglaries, but he later also came to the aid of the Titans. Which Red X is pictured here? Each CSR reader will have to decide for himself, but we think it's most fun to imagine it's Robin, Raven's teammate. Whoever this Red X is, he's certainly giving Raven a Red "A"!

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