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She-Hulk Spanks Wasp and Ms. Marvel

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A double-spanking now with two heroines, The Wasp and Ms. Marvel, on the receiving end. And who's strong enough to restrain both of them? She-Hulk of course! Good OTK positioning, a clear line, and vibrant colors as we've come to expect from El Manto Negro. Having She-Hulk restrain the Wasp right above her wings is a cute touch, but EMN forgot one thing: the Wasp's wings disappear when she attains normal size.

It occurs to us that there may still be some confusion about who these characters are. She-Hulk is just a female version of the Hulk, and like most such knock-offs, was not very successful in her own book. Ms. Marvel is another character with a rather convoluted history, and because she can easily be confused with Marvel Girl we explained who they are in the Lesser Discussed Heroines topic over on the forum. Because of Ms. Marvel's obvious feminism, it's most satisfying to see her spanked and subdued by a man, but a She-Hulk double-spanking is pretty good, too.

she-hulk spanks wasp & ms. marvel

She-Hulk spanks The Wasp and Ms. Marvel. Art by El Manto Negro. © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/06/2014.

the wasp early appearance

The Wasp in her first costume. Source unknown. © Marvel Characters Inc.

That leaves The Wasp. Even though we saw her recently getting spanked by Reed Richards, we didn't go into her history at that time. The Wasp (Janet Van Dyne) goes back to 1963, when she volunteered to become the partner of Ant-Man, who then figured out a way for her to grow wings when she shrank down to ant-size (or wasp-size) as he did. Her stinger was some sort of mechanical device - the details were always vague. The Wasp became one of the founding members of the Avengers along with Ant-Man, and in fact decided on the team's name.

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