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Taskmaster Spanks Lady Deadpool

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taskmaster spanks lady deadpool by bisontom

Taskmaster spanks Lady Deadpool. Art by Bisontom; click to increase in size. © Marvel Characters Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/30/2014.

The story here is that Lady Deadpool lost the gold Taskmaster was going to be paid. To compensate him for the loss, she agrees to take a good spanking - and she doesn't seem to mind! This is the third drawing we've seen from Bisontom, and the first of his using the familiar OTK position which he does very well, having Lady Deadpool present us with an appealing target. He never got around to adding color, which would be a plus, and we'd still like to see him tighten up his line a bit in his finished drawings.

So who are these characters that we haven't seen before in CSR? Taskmaster began as someone dangerously close to self-parody: the idea was that he trained the numerous henchmen who worked for the major super-villains! He has the preposterous super-power of being able to duplicate any physical feat he witnesses. Eventually he switched sides (sort of) and joined the government, currently serving as a member of S.H.I.E.L.D.'s Secret Avengers. Lady Deadpool is a female version of Deadpool from the alternate reality Earth-3010, which doesn't really explain a lot. The original Deadpool was a test subject for the "Weapon X" program that ultimately produced Wolverine, and is known for being an unstable mercenary. H'mm - that still doesn't explain a whole lot. Blame Marvel, not us!

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