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Steve Trevor Spanks Wonder Woman

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steve trevor spanks wonder woman karstens and bard

Steve Trevor spanks Wonder Woman. Art by Kevin Karstens from a conception by Bawdy Bard. Wonder Woman © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/03/2014 (click to double-size).

To conclude our current Wonder Woman series, who better to turn her over his knee than her long-suffering boyfriend Steve Trevor? Trevor would often ask WW to marry him in the early comics, only to be put off time after time. Such frustration requires satisfaction, which he seems to have found here. This is another effort from artist Kevin Karstens commissioned by Bawdy Bard.

We've mentioned once before that binding Wonder Woman in her own magic lasso is practically de rigueur in any spanking situation, but Bawdy Bard takes the idea a little further here. The lasso is unbreakable, even to WW, but it has a second feature: it compels anyone it binds to tell the truth and to obey the holder. Thus, Steve here makes WW admit her secret desires to be spanked into submission and to be his love slave. For his part, Karstens gives us excellent OTK positioning and as usual manages to blend cartoon-style with enough realism so that the humor is preserved while an obviously erotic spanking is presented.

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