jean grey spanks phoenix as shadowcat enters room

Characters © Marvel Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/18/2009

Here is the second of the two [Redacted] X-Men spankings we came across years ago but never posted. Darkzone, who has commissioned some other superheroine spankings himself, remembered these and asked if anyone could find them. In fact, he remembered them well enough to provide the following description: "Jean Grey is spanking her daughter Phoenix OTK while a suprised Shadowcat phases through the wall."

As usual, [Redacted] delivers a sound-looking spanking and very realistic expressions. This is the only scan of this fine work we have seen - unfortunately, it was apparently done for e-Bay, and in deference to the delicate sensibilities over there, Phoenix's bare bottom has been censored! As a matter of fact, we posted another [Redacted] drawing years ago of Wonder Woman spanking Wonder Girl, without even realizing that the same fate had befallen it, because someone had retouched the art to replace the "scanned for e-Bay" lettering with Donna Troy's red bottom! It's actually rather obvious when you look closely. So we'll just have to use our imaginations here as we contemplate the effect Jean's hand is having on Phoenix's derriere. Note: this is no longer true [as of 01/07/2010]. Scroll down for the restored version of this work.

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We mentioned last time that we didn't recognize all these characters when we first saw them - in fact, we thought Jean Grey was the Phoenix! So what happened - has senility finally settled in, as so many have supposed? Heck, no! We're not that old - just a little behind (so to speak) the times. Jean Grey really was the Phoenix, at least the last time we still followed X-Men. Maybe a little history will explain, and at the same time help those readers who are more into spanking than comics. X-Men began back in Sept. 1963, and Jean Grey (known then as Marvel Girl) was part of that original team, which we well remember. But in its first incarnation by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, this team was not all that popular and its book was demoted to bi-monthly status. Then in 1975, editor Roy Thomas (probably Marvel's most significant editor save Lee himself), writer Len Wein, and artist Dave Cockrum revived the title with an almost entirely-new team, and the book eventually became Marvel's best seller. At some point, Jean Grey was transformed into Phoenix, killed off, and then brought back to life when it seemed convenient. This kind of nonsense always turned us off, and as the number of X-Men-related titles proliferated (Alpha Flight, New Mutants, X-Factor) ad nauseam, and we witnessed the spectacle of pathetic little fanboys snapping them all up like junkies after their next fix, our interest in all this X-Crap evaporated completely.

So there you have it: the short version(!) of why we didn't know that Phoenix was somehow Jean Grey's daughter. The main thing is that this is still one fine superheroine spanking!

version of above art with restoration work by wolfie138

[01/07/2010 update] When this work was discussed on the bulletin board, Darkzone lamented the censored derriere, much as we did above, and lo, to the rescue rode Wolfie138, who used photoshop to restore the red bottom. Thanks, Wolfie!

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