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Supergirl Spanks Mercy

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supergirl spanks mercy after she spanked lois lane from the superman animated series

Supergirl spanks Mercy (from the Superman animated series) while a just-spanked Lois Lane looks on. Art by El Manto Negro. © Warner Communications Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/28/2017.

This one is a direct follow-up to the Mercy Spanks Lois Lane drawing we saw last time, where Lois was hoping that Superman would come to rescue her. Instead, it's his cousin Supergirl who bursts into the room and quickly gives Lex Luthor's criminal accomplice (and chauffeur) Mercy the same OTK treatment that Mercy had given Lois. Strangely, Mercy seems insulted to be spanked by Supergirl rather than her more-senior cousin, while Lois is still smarting from her own spanking.

We discussed the drawing style of El Manto Negro last time so there's no point in repeating what was said there. Mercy can protest as much as she likes - she's getting exactly what she deserves!

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