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Superman Spanks Power Girl #2

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superman spanks power girl art by mr jer

Superman lays the spanks on to a well-subdued Power Girl. This is a successful spanking! Art by Mr. Jer. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 07/19/2013.

Last time we saw Power Girl getting it from the one male spanker undeniably strong enough to get the job done - Superman - and Mr. Jer has done another and even better version this time. PG manages to keep her bosom confined so we're not distracted by it, allowing us to focus our attention where it belongs: PG's beautiful bare bottom, slowly reddening under the palm of the Man of Might. PG has settled down and looks very submissive, which is as it should be, and Superman wears the look of satisfaction the spanker feels when he knows he has the spankee's complete submission at last.

The OTK positioning is excellent, and we have a very nice view of Power Girl's behind. Our viewing angle does bring up the old "exposure" question once again, and it is something that does occur in a lot of Mr. Jer's work. Some will disapprove, but as we explained when this topic came up on the CSR Discussion Forum a couple of years ago, our opinion is that the artist should select the best camera angle he can, and if that results in exposure, which it sometimes will when the spanking is on the bare bottom, so be it. The important thing here is that a very powerful female has been forced to submit to an even more powerful male. Overall, this is an outstanding example of erotic superheroine spanking art.

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