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Superman Spanks Supergirl #7

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Last time we saw Supergirl in a submissive mood, but this time she's fighting like a tiger to avoid getting spanked! It won't do her any good, though, as long as the spanker is the mightiest man of all time - her cousin Superman. The variant OTK position in which the spanker bends one knee to bend over the spankee is used, and done pretty well. Zani-alone did this one as a commission for Monk, to whom we're grateful along with Zani since we love the Superman/Supergirl pairing. Some nice coloring on the uniforms, much darker blue than they ever were in the comics.

superman spanks supergirl art by mr jer

Supergirl can resist all she wants, but her cousin Superman is truly the irresistable force, and her bottom is reddening as she loses the struggle with him. Art by Zani-alone. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 08/09/2013.

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