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Superman Spanks Wonder Woman by El Manto Negro

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Even though we've seen more Wonder Woman spankings in this gallery than we can count, and even though Superman is the most natural male spanker we can think of for her, we have until now only featured this pairing once. It's time to rectify that situation now with a series featuring the Man of Steel spanking the Amazon Princess. First up: El Manto Negro's composition is extremely imaginative, with Superman flying WW high above ground and whacking her at the same time. Since her panties are in her hand and not his, we have to assume she willingly removed them to receive the spanks on her bare bottom, and judging from the pain stars and her expression, doing so only enhanced the sting as desired. Great background, colors, and cute bare bottom! The OTK position had to be sacrificed to allow a romantic clinch, but there are no gains without concomitant losses in art.

superman spanks wonder woman art by el manto negro

The Amazon Princess finds both pleasure and pain with the Man of Steel. Art by El Manto Negro. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/20/2013.

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