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Superman Spanks Wonder Woman (#4) by Robb Phipps

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superman spanks wonder woman art by robb phipps

Art by Robb Phipps. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/20/2013 (click to increase in size).

This one's been in the files a while: Jim C. discovered it two years ago on the Comicartfans web site (see the discussion on the Wonder Woman topic in the CSR Forum)! Yes, the ol' Web-Ed does indeed sometimes keep new spanking material in his files for months or even years before getting around to posting it. Of course, everyone followed the link to this drawing at that time, but let's see it again now as it's finally added to the gallery.

Phipps draws his panties on the skimpy side, something that's not likely to get him too much criticism. He also does the OTK position very well, as we have seen before with some of his work we posted back in 2007 (see Superman Spanks Supergirl among others). Giving WW nice long legs and a shapely behind certainly helps the overall effect - in short, this is a superior example of superheroine spanking with nothing to complain about except perhaps the fact that we haven't seen any new spanking work from Phipps for a long time.

12/27/2013 Update: Pablo, who has been contributing his artistic alterations to CSR for several years now, was good enough to do this one for us recently. Pablo believes in two things when it comes to spanking: bare hands and bare bottoms! Both are on display here, with Pablo taking down Wonder Woman's star-spangled panties (what little of them Phipps had drawn), adding the color, and changing WW's expression from one of dismay to one of complete distress, and given her reddening posterior, it's not hard to see why she might feel that way! He also placed her magic lasso around her knees, an element of bondage which is almost de rigueur with Wonder Woman. Phipps' original was good, but we like these alterations too.

superman spanks wonder woman art by robb phipps altered and colored by pablo

Art by Robb Phipps as modified by Pablo. Characters © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/27/2013 (click to increase in size).

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