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Alley Oop - Look At That Caveman Spank!

spanking from alley oop caveman king spanks woman

© Newspaper Enterprise Association. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/21/2010.

Alley Oop is one of the better known comic strips, dating all the way back to 1932. It was created by V. T. Hamlin, who did the strip for over forty years, including this spanking episode which we believe dates from April 1949. We don't know what led up to the spanking, but one cave man speculates that "she'll turn on the tears, an' th' old man'll let her off easy." He was half right - King Wur didn't let her off too easily, but she did turn on the tears: "Boooo Hooooo ...!"

04/04/2014 Update: Michael kindly sent us an excellent-quality scan of this spanking with some surrounding context. Here is his explanation of the plot:

"Alley Oop is a time-travelling caveman, which is why his girlfriend Ooola is dressed in shirt and jeans. He returns to his native Moo, where a handsome young man Prince Pokababa is romancing her and giving her presents, including a new dress. Oop knocks Pokababa out and orders Ooola to change her clothes. Unfortunately, Pokababa is the son of Wur, king of neighbouring Lem; and Oop has caused a declaration of war. King Guz of Moo is so angry that he creeps up on Oop and slugs him, causing him to lose his memory."
"In the battle, Oop is captured and is about to be executed when Princess Zee, King Wur's daughter, attempts a Pocahontas-style appeal, which fails. However, she's doctored the executioner's axe, giving Oop's friends time to rescue him. She's blamed for his escape, so Oop takes her with him to Moo. She has of course fallen for him and, since Oop is unable to remember Ooola, he's encouraging her advances. This leads to cat-fight between Ooola and Zee."
"Soon King Wur turns up in Moo, having been deposed by his son. Princess Zee persuades Oop to return to Lem so they can rule the country together. When they get there, they find the Royal Cave empty, so Oop puts her on the throne. Meanwhile, Pokababa has captured Ooola, meaning to rule Lem with her. When he finds Oop and Princess Zee in the Royal Cave, he slugs Oop, so restoring his memory."

pre-spanking from alley oop caveman king spanks daughter

04/19/1949. © Newspaper Enterprise Association.

"King Guz, angry that his subjects are taking part in Lemian politics, sends his troops into Lem to restore King Wur to the throne. Wur jails his son and spanks his daughter."

spanking from alley oop caveman king spanks daughter

King Wur spanks his daughter Princess Zee (04/20/1949). © Newspaper Enterprise Association.

pre-spanking from alley oop caveman king spanks daughter

© Newspaper Enterprise Association. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/04/2014.

Thanks to Michael for explaining the set-up for the spanking scene. It's interesting to note that the spanking is still going on in the next day's strip (04/21/1949) - it must have been a long one!

spanking panel as modified by Oxken

The spanking panel as modified by Oxken (click to increased in size). © Newspaper Enterprise Association. Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/02/2015.

Our old friend Oxken was good enough to send us three more of his modifications recently, of which this is the first. This is more an extraction and un-cluttering than anything else, allowing us to focus on the spanking action.

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