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Apartment 3G, the long-running, slow-moving comic strip, is not exactly the most likely place to find a spanking, but then again perhaps it isn't so unlikely either. When your focus is on the lives of three young career women (teacher LuAnn Powers, nurse Tommie Thompson, and secretary Margo Magee) it's always possible that one of them will do something to deserve a spanking - and one of them did! It's Beth, who was a replacement roomate for LuAnn during the years she was married (and of course left the apartment). Eventually, her husband was reported MIA and she moved back in to 3G (3G = Three Girls, of course) while Beth was written out of the strip. Fortunately she was around long enough to get herself spanked!

The spanker here is the girls' neighbor Professor Papagoras, who functions as a friend and protector, thus this spanking is basically paternal in character. Let's take a look at it now as well as a follow-up episode from five days later:

spanking swat from apartment 3g may 5, 1966

Prof. Papagoras gives Beth a good whack in Apartment 3G. Publication date May 5, 1966. Art by Alex Kotsky. Written by Nicholas Dallis. Discovered by and scanned by Sweetspot. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/08/2017 (click to increase in size). © King Features Syndicate.

spanking swat from apartment 3g may 5, 1966

Apartment 3G, May 10, 1966. Beth tells Tommie about the swat she received from Professor Papagoras. Scan by Sweetspot. © King Features Syndicate.

This is yet another discovery of Sweetspot, who had this to say about it:
"Apt. 3G I believe was finally vacated for good in November of last year. This slow moving comic was the butt of many a joke about its pacing. Golden Girls:

Blanche: I'm reading Apartment 3G in the funnies.

Dorothy: I haven't read that since 1962.

Blanche: Let me catch you up..."Later that same day."

Looks like the good doctor took it upon himself to speed things along a bit. Apt. 3G provides us with this nice artwork of a one-whacker."
apartment 3g spanking panel from 05/22/1946

The spanking panel. Scan by Sweetspot. © King Features Syndicate.

The spanking panel is not good at all as the "spanking" barely qualifies as such being merely a single butt-slap, but contact was made and Beth definitely feels it. It's helped somewhat by Alex Kotsky's art: when he started doing the strip with writer Nicholas Dallis in 1961, he chose a realistic style which is well-suited both to melodrama and to spanking. Still, that can't make up for the lack of the OTK or bending-over positions, or the one-smack nature of the needed correction the good professor administered to the willful Beth.

Dallis is also known for the earlier strips Rex Morgan M.D. and Judge Parker, and was effective enough at the kind of melodrama featured in all three. In fact, the often-mocked slow pacing that Dallis employed in these strips, as opposed to that of rip-roaring adventure series like Smilin' Jack, was actually necessary for the focus on their characters' personal lives, albeit at a superficial and over-emotional level. Dallis scripted Apartment 3G until his death in 1991, so the question immediately arises: did he write any other spankings into the strip? Or did Kotsky, who took over the scripting chores? (It's less likely that Lisa Trusiani would have done so during the strip's final period, 1996-2015).

As far as we know, there are no spankings in either Rex Morgan M.D. or Judge Parker, nor has Sweetspot found any others in 3G as yet. (There is one spanking threat in Rex Morgan). Yet it seems almost impossible (at least to a spanko) that anyone could write a strip about three young women for thirty years and not have more than one spanking! If Phil Overbarrel were writing it, he'd have found a way to get all three OTK in the same year (if not the same story), and the ol' Web-Ed would surely have had at least one of them bending over to receive her correction from the Paddle of Professor Papagoraslaughing face! We'll just have to wait and hope something else turns up.

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