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waitress spanked by pilot in war comic

Modification by Funbun. Posted by the Web-Ed on 05/14/2010

Romance comics, with their plethora of spoiled brats and headstrong girls headed for trouble, provided plenty of opportunities to work in an occasional spanking scene. War comics, which were largely contemporaneous with Romance (50's - 70's), did not. Their emphasis was on scenes of combat, and with relatively few female characters, it would not have been surprising if there had never been a single spanking in any of them. In fact we had never seen one until a couple of years ago when we ran across this.

We don't have any other panels to indicate what might have led up to this spanking, which appears to be of a waitress in a tavern. We're not even sure what comic it's from. It looks like a DC war book, and we're going to guess it's Our Army At War. [10/08/2010 update: now confirmed. See below for more information and scans.] The version at the top is the original, and what struck us at first was how much trouble some artist had gone through in order to make a relatively minor modification (bottom). The spankee's bottom is rounded, lifted up slightly, and given a little better definition.

waitress spanked animation

Animated by UASketcher.

These were worthy enhancements, but we had no idea who had done them until we found this animated version by Jon (UASketcher) and realized it was Funbun, whom we now know typically makes these kinds of alterations (although he also generally bares the bottom). Just as they had with the Batman / Marcia Monroe spanking, the two men had teamed up with the admirable goal of making a good comic-book spanking even better! The now-bared bottom and expression upon impact (you can almost hear her saying "Oww!") are very satisfying, don't you think?

[10/01/2010 update] We have now confirmed that this is from Our Army At War #208 (July 1969). Let's inquire what led up to the scene in the pub. Here we see Yank, an American pilot who has joined the British R.A.F., having trouble with his two spitfires, his plane and Angela. She slaps him for an accident beyond his control (enough justification for the later spanking). Stung (in more ways than one), he takes his Spitfire back up and encounters a German V-1 prototype.

waitress spanked by pilot in war comic

Author's collection. © DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/08/2010

waitress spanked by pilot in war comic

Author's collection. © DC Comics Inc.

With great difficulty, he uses his plane to shove the German rocket off course, then having mastered one Spitfire lands safely to master the other. And since he did save the village, there's no reason he shouldn't "claim his reward"!

Here's the spanking again (we're certainly not tired of it) in our better-quality scan. Also, we can now see from the follow-up just how good a scene this was: Angela, now tamed, falls into the arms of her handsome Yank, and we can see from their expressions in the final panel how happy they're going to be together.

This is really excellent, as good as the best spankings in Romance Comics. The artwork is by Ken Barr; the script is uncredited (but also attributed to Barr by the Grand Comics Data Base), although it seems possible to us that Robert Kanigher had a hand in it.

waitress spanked by pilot in war comic

Author's collection. © DC Comics Inc.

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