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 spanking panel from Boots comic book Although superhero comics are the ones most sought after by collectors nowadays, they fell on hard times in the postwar era until their revival in the 60's. During this period, other genres such as Western and Romance became prominent, and some of these comics did feature the occasional spanking. Here is one example from Boots and Her Buddies #7 which many of us were trying to find in the early 1980's (once word got out that a particular comic book had a spanking in it, there was a rush to all the common sources to try to snare it for one's personal collection). At the time, we lost out to another collector, but we don't feel so bad now that we've seen how pedestrian it is. It was billed in the catalog as containing "the most severe spanking scenes in any comic!" Remember that in those pre-internet days, we had to buy these things sight unseen!
 spanking panel from Boots comic book

© Standard Comics.

This is the first of "The Seven Spankings" - those comic-book spankings that were known to us as far back as the late 1970's.
another spanking panel from Boots comic book

[Added June 2010]

Here we have a third spanking panel from the same comic! That's a lot of spanking in one issue, perhaps making up in quantity what it lacks in quality. The Spirit, who has done such an outstanding job in locating and re-coloring four others of The Seven Spankings, did this one as well.

splash panel from Boots And Her Buddies #7 comic book

01/17/2014 Update: Here is another scan of the first spanking panel, the one from the splash page. This is probably the best of the three, with Giddy's expression of dismay clearly visible, although it would have been improved if Tip Tucker were using his hand instead of a book.

09/15/2017 Update: We've managed to snag some further scans of the spanking scene while Sweetspot has located the original strips together with the surrounding story so we now know why Tip Tucker gave Giddy Jones such a vigorous spanking. (The Boots comic book reprinted her newspaper strip, something we were only able to confirm the past few years as more issues of the book became available to us. Sweetspot had suspected independently that the #7 spanking was not original material and of course his research confirmed that.) Let's begin by looking at close-ups of the three spanking panels:

splash panel from Boots And Her Buddies #7 comic book

The splash page from Boots and Her Buddies #7 (March 1949). Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/15/2017

tip tucker spanks giddy jones on the sofa, from Boots And Her Buddies #7 comic book
tip tucker spanks giddy jones with a book, from Boots And Her Buddies #7 comic book

Looking at these new scans, our estimation of the spankings (you could count this scene as one or two because there's a short period in-between when Giddy isn't getting spanked, as we'll see shortly) has gone up - these are fine scenes with good OTK positioning! Even the third, with Tip not properly seated for good support, makes up for it by having Giddy exceptionally far turned over, thus raising her bottom high. The expressions and dialogue are also good, especially the look on Giddy's face in the first one as Tip warms her bottom with a book. There are of course some problems:

  1. Giddy is wearing black, the color which best obscures the contours of the buttocks. Can we pass a law making it illegal for spankees to wear black?
  2. Tip uses a book as a spanking implement - a pretty crazy choice from the standpoint of utility, although as we'll see later there was a logical reason.
  3. This first one, nice as it is, has three obvious continuity problesm: both Giddy and Tip are dressed differently than in #2, Tip is spanking with his left hand, and the couch fabric has a different flower pattern! Presumably a house artist was brought in to create this panel since it's drawn in a different style than Edgar Martin's and that would explain (sort of) the discontinuities.

Now let's take a look at the original strips which we now know appeared nine years before, in 1940. Jealous of Boots, Giddy Jones puts a tack under her saddle, but it's Pug (who was adopted into the family by Boots when her father disappeared) who's thrown instead of Boots, and she's injured by the fall. It was a nasty trick, and Giddy deserved the hard spanking Tip Tucker gave her!

These nice-quality scans are all from Sweetspot. Here are some of his comments:

"Giddy is out of the story and evidently the strip as of January 24th. Tip does not return to the strip until a week into February to let Boots know that he's through with Giddy for good. Boots, in turn, lets Tip know that she and her family are headed to the South Seas for a little vacation paid by Pug's dad. "

Boots And Her Buddies 01/02/1940

January 2, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/05/1940

January 5, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/19/1940

January 19, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/20/1940

January 20, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/22/1940

January 22, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/23/1940

January 23, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/24/1940

January 24, 1940

Boots And Her Buddies 01/25/1940

January 25, 1940. Script and art are by Edgar Martin. © Newspaper Enterprise Associates

We used to think that "Boots and Her Buddies" was a rather strange title, but it makes sense once you learn enough comics history. Boots (1924) was simply following the alliterative titling of Polly and Her Pals (1912) and Freckles and His Friends (1915). It was quite a successful strip for a number of years, but the plucky-single-girl-out-on-her-own type of comic (actually Boots got married in 1945) had grown passé in the post-war era, and when creator Edgar Martin died in 1960 the daily strip was cancelled while the Sunday strip continued until 1969 under his assistant, Les Carroll. That of course raises the question of other spankings in Boots since this one was so good.

No other spankings were known until recently, when Sweetspot identified three others as well as a request for one! However, interesting as they are in some ways, they all involve juveniles and so will not be posted in this gallery - consult the Comics Spanking Data Base or the "Other Spankings from Boots" topic on the Comic-Book and Superhero Spanking forum.

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