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Buz Sawyer Spanks Cobra

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buz sawyer spanks girl for throwing knife at him

Buz Sawyer spanks Cobra. Art by Roy Crane. © King Features Syndicate.

When the Cobra throws a knife at him, Buz Sawyer gets upset for some reason, and promptly turns her over his knee. He stops only long enough to punch out some guy who came to rescue her upon hearing her cries for help, then gets back to work! He's certainly single-minded, we'll say that for him.

04/08/2011 Update: We've located a second Buz Sawyer spanking, plus alternate versions of this one that yielded some more information. First, we have this hard copy printed some years ago by Scarlett Hill. The panels have been cut and pasted to fit on a single page, making the sequence a little harder to follow, but also giving more of the story.

buz sawyer spanks cobra from scarlett hill

From Scarlett Hill's "Classic Comic Compilation" volume 1. © King Features Syndicate.

Next are three days' worth of the strip in a better-quality scan, allowing us to more fully appreciate what a fine spanking this is. Crane's OTK positioning is good, as indeed it was in the other six spanking scenes he drew, and three separate spanking panels make it clear the spanking goes on for some time!

buz sawyer spanks cobra extended version

Buz Sawyer from October 5, 6, and 7, 1944. © King Features Syndicate.

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