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Candy Gets Spanked by Mr. O'Connor Again

The next spanking Candy received was also given to her by her father. The plot is ridiculous, but all we need to know is that Candy has managed to cause so much alarm by applying mud to her face that Mr. O'Connor decides to apply the hairbrush somewhere else! This spanking is somewhat enhanced by having Mr. O'Connor allude to the red color her bottom will soon become, but Harry Sahle's inconsistent design (which we referred to last time) detracts from the scene because he made Candy so skinny - all of a sudden, she has pipecleaners for legs! On the cover, her bottom was fuller and rounder, and would have made a much better target for the hairbrush than the one we see over her daddy's knee.

cover of candy #35

Candy and her boyfriend Ted on the cover of Candy #35 (February 1953). Note the plug for Schwinn bicycles. Published by Quality. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/19/2010.

spanking panel from candy #35

Mr. O'Connor rolls up his sleeve in preparation for applying the hairbrush. We'd like to think he applied it to Candy's girlfriend Trish also.

candy #60 spanking page

The entire spanking page, taken from the reprinted version in Candy #60.

For what it's worth, here is the entire page. It is taken from Candy #60, which reprinted most of issue #35. Mr. O'Connor is forced to break down his own door, so we can see that he does have good reason to take the hairbrush to Candy. As we mentioned last time, she isn't a brat, but she does cause a lot of trouble, and she must be held accountable for her bad decisions. In fact, she should have been spanked a dozen more times in a dozen more issues, but Sahle apparently viewed spanking as just one more gag to be trotted out when necessary.

In fact, he had Mr. O'Connor give one more spanking, to Candy's cousin Glenna, but that one won't be posted because Glenna is too young. It may be found in the Comics Spanking Data Base, however.

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