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Captain Aero #4

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captain aero #4 cover

Captain Aero #4 (April 1942). Cover artist thought to be Charles Sultan. Published by Holyoke (click to double-size).

We have next a rather unusual scene from an unlikely source - Captain Aero #4 (April 1942). We say "unlikely" because Captain Aero is not exactly one of the better-known Golden Age heroes and the spanking is from one of his back-up features, Solar the Magician. We are greatly indebted to long-time CSR contributor fanz123 for ferreting this one out for us.

Now, Solar had made his debut in Captain Aero #1 during the era when, thanks to the popularity of Mandrake the Magician, comics experienced a proliferation of mages in top hat and tails. (See our discussion in Mandrake Spanking #1 for more information). Solar doesn't seem to have lasted past this issue - he was supposed to move over to Cat-Man according to the caption on the last page of this story, but it doesn't seem as though he actually did - we're familiar with Cat-Man (whom we always thought should have spanked his female sidekick Kitten) and we re-checked his known comics. It appears that Solar simply vanished in a puff of smoke after this issue - sort of an occupational hazard for a magician. Not that it would have mattered to us unless he had another spanking scene.

The story is only six pages long, but it's rather tedious so we'll just present two pages of it. The art is by Saul Rosen; the writer is unknown but may also be Rosen.

captain aero #4 page 38

Crooks send Dolly, a dead-ringer for Linda, Solar's assistant, to impersonate her and spy on him. But Solar grows suspicious at the bowling alley when Dolly bowls much better than Linda did and follows her back to the crooks' hideout. There's a big fight, including a catfight between the two girls (Dolly is in the red dress; Linda wears the green one):

captain aero #4 page 42

Linda spanks Dolly while Solar changes the boss into a mouse:

captain aero #4 page 43
captain aero #4 spanking panel from solar the magician story

The spanking panel. Art by Saul Rosen.

O.K., now let's examine the spanking panel up close. The OTK positioning is o.k. considering that Linda is sitting on the floor, but Rosen commits the common compositional error (which we've seen many times) of having her spank with the wrong hand. Dolly does seem to be feeling it. Strangely, the OTK position is better in the next panel, and we wish Rosen had placed more of the spanking action there rather than relegating it to a rather busy panel in which Solar is punching out two bad guys. Rosen does give the girls good figures that show pretty clearly through their clothes.

We've mentioned before that F/F is by far the rarest spanking orientation seen in comics during the Golden Age. We checked just now, and there were only 36 F/F spankings through 1956 not including this one and another we discovered not long ago. It goes without saying that we would rather it had been M/F, but overall it's a good scene even if the catfight is not exactly an elevated form of entertainment, and another bad girl did get what was coming to her!

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