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Captain Marvel Spanks Minverva

captain marvel spanks older woman

From Captain Marvel Adventures #59 (April, 1946). © Fawcett Publications. Artist unknown; spanking-good script by Bill Woolfolk. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010.

For the fourth entry in our series of Marvel Family Spankings, Captain Marvel spanks the criminal mastermind, Aunt Minerva (yes, really!). This is our favorite of the four - it's male spanks female, hero spanks villain, spanked woman responds favorably to masterful man ("You're so strong and masterful! I'm just like putty in your hands!").

This would be an opportune moment to discuss age differences in spanking. Our observation is that women are generally more comfortable being spanked by men who are either the same age or older than they are. This makes sense, since an older man is likely to be seen as a figure of power who commands respect, thus making it easier for the woman to submit. (Men need to keep in mind that it isn't easy for a woman to submit to a spanking, even when she really wants to.) In our younger years, we frequently encountered initial resistance from older women (5 - 20 year age difference), but we persevered and spanked them anyway, and with a great deal of pleasure! These days, we're less likely to encounter a prospective spankee older than ourselves, but if we did, we'd still ignore any misgivings she might have and charge ahead with the fanny-warming, just like Captain Marvel does here!

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