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Captain Marvel Spanks a Wildcat

captain marvel spanks a young woman

Captain Marvel spanks. © Fawcett Publications. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010.

With this third entry in our series of Marvel Family Spankings, we finally reach an example that's M/F. We think it was worth waiting for, though, since the positioning (variant OTK) is pretty good and Captain Marvel is pretty determined! Looks like the world's mightiest mortal knows how to deliver a good spanking!

[09/10/2010 Update] When we first posted this, we had no idea where it came from. Then we found it in literally the last place we thought to look for it - a 1945 Wheaties giveaway package! Apparently, there were special packages bundling two boxes of Wheaties cereal together offered for sale in grocery stores, probably with this comic visible under plastic wrapping. This was a special comic book created especially for this purpose and not just leftover copies of Captain Marvel Adventures from the newsstands. Now let's take a closer look at this story and what led up to the spanking.

captain marvel wheaties cover

The cover, from which we inferred the nature of the giveaway. Posted by the Web-Ed on 09/10/2010.

captain marvel wheaties scanner

We're indebted to the Unknown Scanner, who made this discovery possible. (Click to enlarge).

captain marvel wheaties page 5

Page 5. We meet our young and pretty spankee-to-be, who's had a terrible quarrel with her boyfriend. Old Achmed tries to help.

captain marvel wheaties page 6

Page 6. But the course of true love ne'er did run smooth, and the two lovers are again embarked on a violent quarrel.

captain marvel wheaties page 7

Page 7. Smashing a piece of crockery over his head is not the way to get on Captain Marvel's good side! But actually, he spanks her not because he's angry about that, but because he's figured that turning her OTK will bring her boyfriend to her rescue, causing them to forget their quarrel - and it works! Once again, spanking shows its miraculous power to cure whatever ails a relationship!

captain marvel spanking panel

Finally, let's once again savor this all-too-rare example of Captain Marvel spanking a female (there's an uncomfortable number of male-spankings we've unearthed). This is a different version of the spanking panel, cropped by us from the full page above. The OTK positioning is very good, with the spankee well bent-over at about ninety degrees and the familiar pain-stars a-flying. The only thing more we could wish for would be to see her face, and perhaps to have the spanking go on for more than one panel.

spanking as modified by oxken

10/15/2010 Update: Well, when we wished above that we could see the spankee's face we must have wished on a star, because Oxken sent us this modified version in which we can! Oxken took the face and arms from the earlier panel in which she's holding the vase, but he made it look remarkably natural.

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