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Mary Marvel Spanks Bad Boy

spanking from Mary Marvel #1

Mary Marvel #1 (December 1945). © Fawcett Publications.

Mary Marvel is one superheroine that many of us have wanted to see involved in spanking. We have posted two Adam Walters drawings of her and Supergirl here and here, she was a guest star in John Feer's The Last Temptation of Supergirl, and she made it to the bulletin board under the topic of Lesser Discussed Heroines. Unfortunately, as we went about searching for spankings through Golden Age comics, the first one we found with Mary was this one, which is F/M:

spanking from Mary Marvel #1

© Fawcett Publications. The artist is unknown. Posted by the Web-Ed on 06/18/2010.

At this point, as we continue our series of Marvel Family Spankings, we may perhaps be forgiven for wondering why so many of the spankees are male instead of female. We suppose it means the creative personnel were neither spankos nor interested in the possibilities of M/F romantic spanking, and so these spankings are intended as humorous discipline. Although we fervently wish it was Mary on the receiving end, we must admit this spanking is pretty well-composed, with good OTK positioning. Charlie's word balloon, with the "Owww!" is somewhat misplaced, however - speech is usually emitted from the mouth, not the - er, some other portion of the anatomy.

spanking from Mary Marvel #1

Let's take a look at the context of this spanking, which came from the very first issue of Mary Marvel (#1, December 1945). Billy Batson's sister, Mary, volunteers to teach at Hog Hollow, but faced with unruly pupils, she changes into Mary Marvel and lowers the boom. The writer (thought to be Otto Binder) seems to have been influenced by Li'l Abner's Dogpatch, since the names "Hog Hollow" and "Charlie McBlarney" are exactly the kind you'd expect Al Capp to have dreamed up. The immediate recourse to corporal punishment in restoring classroom discipline is something readers of the time would probably have expected.

Having spanked the chief troublemaker, Mary then turns to the rest of the class and asks, "Anyone else want the same?" Apparently there were no spanko boys present, because if there had been, they would no doubt have taken Mary up on her offer! Amazingly, no one in the class seems surprised that their teacher is really Mary Marvel, who has just revealed her secret identity in front of all of them!

We found this at Hero Machine, and we'll continue to search every Golden Age comic we can get our hands on. If we ever find one with Mary Marvel getting spanked of course we'll present it here immediately. And there's always the possibility of a commission...

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