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Carrie #3 - Boat Race Paddling

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Exactly two years passed until Carrie's next spanking, which took place in the March 1977 issue of Mayfair. "It's spanks for the memory when Carrie scuppers a boat race" a blurb on the first page tells us. (Carrie was a two-page strip). By this time, Mario Capaldi had taken over the artistic chores from Don Lawrence, but his tenure on the strip was short and this is the only example of his work we're going to be seeing in this series.

In the first page, we see carefree Carrie strolling down the quay, but carefree quickly becomes careless and the girl falls into the river, overturning a boat and throwing the entire rowing team into the water with her. Upon reaching dry land, Carrie removes her soaking-wet clothes, but the team soon happens upon her. Lashing her to the hull of their craft, they form a paddle-line and each one gives her a swat on her bare behind with his oar! In the last panel, Carrie reads all about it in the newspaper, which runs a picture of her rubbing her sore bottom - famous at last!

carrie boat race paddling carrie gets paddled

From Mayfair magazine, Vol. 12 #3 (March 1977). Art by Mario Capaldi. Posted by the Web-Ed on 12/02/2011. Click to enlarge.

carrie reads about her paddling

As much as we like the after-paddling rubbing, Capaldi shortchanged it by relegating it to being a mere picture-within-a-panel. Also, the two drawings of Carrie lashed to the boat hull should have been reversed in their placement so that the swat being applied to her fanny was more prominent than the view of her just standing there naked.

enlargement paddling

12/30/2011 Update: Charlie was good enough to send us this better-quality enlargement of the paddling panel. We know that the boat oar makes a poor spanking paddle in real life, but we're glad to see it here anyway!

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