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Dickie Dean Spanking

cover of daredevil #14

The cover of Daredevil #14 (December 1942), art by Charles Biro. Published by Lev Gleason. Posted by the Web-Ed on 11/12/2010.

Daredevil was certainly one of publisher Lev Gleason's most successful titles (not to be confused with the much later Marvel super-hero of the same name). Searching through 133 issues revealed four spankings, only one of which was M/F, however (a fifth occurred in Adventures in Wonderland). These other four may be found in the Comics Spanking Data Base by those who are interested (by searching for "gleason" as publisher), but now let's cherish that one M/F scene, which is the second in a series of new discoveries from our ongoing search for Golden Age comic spankings and is appearing here for the first time anywhere on the web.

Why only one? Well, Charles Biro is the name most closely associated with Gleason, having co-edited the line, written many stories, and even drawn some of them, and Biro seems to have been most comfortable with the "Boys' Adventure" tale. There is little room for girls or romance in such stories, so one avenue of possible spankings was completely cut off. That left the "spanked villainess" as a possibility, but for Daredevil itself (as the lead feature in Daredevil), Biro doesn't seem to have favored that either.

Luckily, a "spanked villainess" did appear in one of the back-up features, Dickie Dean, The Boy Inventor (seen here on the lower l.h. side of the cover).

dickie dean page 1

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Dickie Dean, The Boy Inventor was straightforward humor/adventure. It was written not by Biro but by Dick Wood, who may have been the brother of Bob Wood, Biro's co-editor. Here is the first page of the story. Basically, Dickie has invented some kind of process to help grow rubber trees, so he and his buddy Zippy Todd go down to South America to test it. (Rubber was, of course, a key commodity during World War II). A gang of spies wants to steal Dickie's invention and they send one of their number, Rosita Spano (sounds like Spanko!), to vamp Zippy.

spankee spano

rosita goes to work on zippy

Rosita goes to work on Zippy.

the spanking page

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Zippy manages to resist Rosita, though just barely, so the spies resort to torturing him by burning his feet. Fortunately, Dickie charges to the rescue, untying Zippy who says, "I've got something I've got to do right away!" That something is giving Rosita an overdue spanking!

Interestingly, Zippy also declares, "Beginning now, this is how I treat all women!" Go to it, Zip old boy - it can only help your game.

the spanking panel from daredevil #14

The pain stars go a-flying as spankee Spano gets what she deserves! Art by Bart Tumey.

Here is the spanking panel, slightly enhanced (as are the others) by us from the original fiche scans provided by DarkMark. The panel is reasonably-sized at 1/6 of a page, so we're not shortchanged as we sometimes are when the spanking panel is too small. The OTK positioning is good, especially considering that this is the variant where the spanker is seated on a flat surface (couch, bed, or as we have here, a floor). Along with good positioning, the artist (Bart Tumey) also shows us Zippy applying the spanks to the well-defined and attractive target area with vigor, so we consider this a very good spanking overall. We don't know if Tumey ever drew another.

01/09/2015 Update: Steve D. made his copy of Daredevil #14 available for scanning, so from it we can now offer a nice paper version of the spanking page. It looks much better and helps us appreciate seeing Rosita get the punishment she so ricly deserves!

the spanking page of daredevil #14

Posted by the Web-Ed on 01/09/2015.

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