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Spoiled Heiress Spanked in Judy of the Jungle

cover of exciting comics #64

Nice cover art by Alex Schomburg. Published by Standard Comics. Posted by the Web-Ed on 10/15/2010.

As we've remarked elsewhere, Jungle Girls were a longtime staple of comic books, and they tended to be a wild, unruly lot badly in need of taming. And what better way to tame them could there be than to give them a good spanking? Many of us have longed to see such a scene. The problem is that it's very unlikely a jungle girl would be spanked in her own book, because the simple adventure strip plots used in these comics could not easily lead to the heroine herself getting spanked. We won't quit looking for this ultimate in Jungle Girl spankings, but realistically the best we're likely to find is the spanking of either a subsidiary character or perhaps a female antagonist.

That's what we encountered in Exciting Comics #64 (November 1948) - the spankee is a spoiled heiress who regards hunting criminals in the jungle as a jolly lark. It's interesting to note that Judy of the Jungle became popular enough to displace Standard Comics' number one hero, The Black Terror, from the cover as we see at left.

This is another original discovery of ours, appearing here for the first time anywhere on the web. It was discovered as part of our ongoing search for Golden Age comic spankings.

Let's meet our cast of characters: Judy, who would have made a fine spankee; the handsome Ranger; Doris Drake, the spoiled heiress; and Stan Wadley, her boyfriend who has trouble dealing with her. You'll notice the very simple exposition has Stan and Doris rather unrealistically introducing themselves to us at the same time as they do to the ranger (who would surely have already known who they were). As you can see, comic-book writing was still very primitive during this time.

The artist is Ralph Mayo, whose work is better than it appears here because we could only obtain microfiche scans of this issue. In some cases, we have enhanced these scans, but since we lack first-rate tools and skills our amendations have been minor. For better scans of what we think is also Mayo's work, see The Saint #5.

judy of the jungle judy of the jungle

We don't think it's necessary to reproduce the entire story, but here's the complete page 3. Judy and the Ranger are each tricked into believing the other has been captured by the villainous Green Lizard, causing them both to fall into his clutches along with Stan and Doris.

judy of the jungle page 3

Doris tries to cut a deal with the Green Lizard, who is in no mood to bargain since he figures he can seize both her and her money (this reminds us of businessmen who think they can cut deals with rapacious government officials, but we'll save it for a political blog). Judy contemptuously calls her a fool, then bravely challenges Kado (alias the Green Lizard) to a duel.

judy of the jungle page 7

Judy triumphs against the odds, and we reach the story's end with Kado safely in the Ranger's custody and Stan choosing to accompany them back to civilization. Doris, as usual concerned only with herself, begs him not to leave her in a way which will make her look bad in the newspapers. That does it - Stan finds his manhood, hauls her over his knee, and spanks her well!

judy of the jungle spanking sequence

The OTK positioning is good, with Doris's head up, but the spanking panel is too small to lend the emphasis to the spanking it deserves. This is the only comic-book spanking between two lovers we can think of where the spanking does not lead to greater understanding between them (hero spanks villainess is a different type of scene altogether); in fact, it looks like Stan and Doris are splitsville.

In an interesting bit of foreshadowing, early on the Ranger calls her a "spoiled brat" and Stan lets us know (in a thought balloon) that he realizes Doris deserves a spanking. He should have given it to her long before this.

Here's an enlarged version of the spanking panel.

stan thinks about spanking doris stan spanks doris
09/27/2013 Update: Here is a digital scan of the spanking panel, much better than the old microfiche. stan spanks doris in exciting comics #64

judy of the jungle spanking sequence

And here is the sequence leading up to the spanking from the new scan.

judy of the jungle spanking sequence

Finally, since the scan is so good we might as well enjoy the entire page. (Click to enlarge). Thanks to Rangerhouse and Fean 777 for scanning this from JVJ's collection.

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