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Debbi Spanked as Cave Girl

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This item features a character named "Debbi" as described by JimC in one of the very first topics on the CSR Forums, Newspaper Strip Spankings. Debbi imagines what her life would have been like during caveman times, and interestingly pictures herself getting spanked by her boyfriend! Good OTK positioning, with strange two-handed spanking.

debbie spanked as cave girl

© DC Comics Inc. Posted by the Web-Ed on 04/15/2011.

debbi #3 cover

Date with Debbi #3 (May-June 1969), cover art by Samm Schwartz. © DC Comics Inc.

05/27/2011 Update: At the time we first posted this, we suspected but could not prove that it had come from one of Debbi's books at DC, even though we were puzzled by it being in black & white. Fortunately, Debbi only made 29 comic-book appearances, and we were eventually able to home in on Date With Debbi #3 (May-June 1969). The extract above must have come from a photocopy of the comic-book page.

DC had a more extensive Teen Humor line than Marvel did, and Debbi was part of their attempt to satisfy a market still dominated by the Archie line. As can be seen, Debbi was modeled on Archie - in fact, she looks more like him than Archie's own Josie.

splash page of debbi #3

Web-Ed's collection, writer and artist unknown. © DC Comics Inc.

The story was called "The Cave-Man Cometh", a play on the title of Eugene O'Neill's 1940 drama "The Iceman Cometh". Somewhat more upbeat than O'Neill, it focuses on Debbi's dissatisfaction with her boyfriend Buddy's physical prowess. When he tries and fails to carry her safely across a flooded street, she dreams of what life would be like if only Buddy were more the caveman type.

buddy carries debbi over his shoulder

© DC Comics Inc.

Of course, there's a down side to Buddy's new-found assertiveness - he carries her off over his shoulder, giving us a nice view of the soon-to-be target, then spanks her when she acts up. Upon awakening, Debbi decides she doesn't want Buddy to seek out his inner caveman after all.

buddy spanks debbi

© DC Comics Inc.

That's the story as it was conceived by the unknown writer. Of course, the world we know is filled with women who reach the exact opposite conclusion - they want the caveman type exactly because he'll spank her when necessary!

The spanking looks much better in a high-quality color scan. Below is the complete context, showing Debbi's somewhat unreasonable reaction to the hard facts of life as it was lived in neolithic times, and Buddy's entirely reasonable (in our unbiased opinion) decision to turn her over his knee.

debbi #3 comic-book spanking panels

© DC Comics Inc.

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